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EOS founder Dr Hans Langer

  • EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems founded by Dr. Hans J. Langer and Dr. Hans Steinbichler
  • The technology’s initial market success in USA show that Rapid Prototyping (RP) based on Additive Manufacturing (AM) is giving rise to a new market
  • Commercial utilisation of laser technology generating 3D bodies layer-by-layer directly from CAD data



BMW, Munich, Germany

  • BMW in Munich, Germany, is the first customer to order the STEREOS 400 stereolithography system for its development project 
  • Company relocates in Germany from Gräfelfing to Planegg
  • Dr. Steinbichler sells his EOS GmbH shares to Dr. Hans J. Langer
  • EOS provides solutions optimised for industrial applications, assumes the leading position
    for high end Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology, and becomes a development partner to the European industry
  • EOS provides stereolithography as an additive, layer-by-layer technology that produces parts from light curing,
    liquid resins and develops a digitisation system in the form of its EOSCAN 250




  • On launching its STEREOS 400 stereolithography system, EOS becomes the first European
    provider of these high-end Rapid Prototyping (RP) systems
  • Development on the EOSCAN 100 starts
  • EOS Electro Optical Systems S.A.S. founded in Lyon, France
  • EOS is now the only European manufacturer of laser assisted Rapid Prototyping (RP) systems


  • STEREOS 600 launched and the first system installed at German company Sollner for Mercedes-Benz
  • EOS presents its layer-by-layer technology for the first time at Dayton RP Conference in USA


  • Sales agreement between EOS and Hitachi Zosen Information Systems (HZS) in Japan,
    first systems sold (2 x STEREOS 600)
  • First EOSCAN 100 installed at BMW and IPT in Aachen, Germany




  • EOS extends its product portfolio to laser sintering, and becomes the world’s first provider of
    stereolithography and laser sintering systems
  • EOSINT P 350 launched: the first European laser sintering system for manufacturing plastic prototypes
  • In Germany the company expands to a new building
  • EOS belongs temporarily (until 1997) to the German majority shareholder Carl Zeiss Jena;
    inauguration of a production site in Jena
  • Desktop 200 for EOSINT P 350 and STEREOS launched at BIMU trade fair in Milan, Italy
  • Licensing agreements and cooperation projects with Electrolux RD for the further development of
    direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)
  • EOS presents its EOSINT M 160, the prototype of a commercial system for the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process




  • EOSINT M 250 launched: direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) system for Additive Manufacturing (AM) 
    of metal tools for plastics injection moulding, hence the start of rapid tooling
  • EOS is the leading provider of high-end rapid tooling technology
  • Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM) introduced for the optimised handling of large material quantities
  • EOSINT launched: world’s first technology for the additive, direct manufacture of casting moulds/cores from
    foundry sand based on the so-called direct croning process (DCP)
  • First EOS International User Meeting (IUM) in Munich presents the two technologies provided by EOS
    (stereolithography and laser sintering)
  • Company expansion with a new sales and applications centre
  • First sand laser sintering system EOSINT S 350 for the direct, tool-less manufacture of sand cores/moulds
    for metal cast parts installed at BMW in Landshut
  • STEREOS MAX 600 launched: first system installed at Foxbit, Italy




  • First EOSINT S 700 sand laser sintering system installed at BMW in Landshut, Germany
  • Polyamide material PA 1500 launched for EOSINT P 350 laser sintering systems
  • Glass filled polyamide material PA 1300 launched for EOSINT P 350 laser sintering systems
  • MAX 400 stereolithography system unveiled at EuroMold trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany
  • HZS and EOS jointly open technology centre in Tokyo, Japan


  • EOS s.r.l. Electro Optical Systems founded in Milan, Italy
  • Launch of the fine metal material EOSINT M Cu 3201 (DirectMetal 50) and the fine polyamide PA 2200
  • EOS and 3D Systems agreement: STEREOS product line sold to 3D Systems; EOS takes over global
    patent rights for laser sintering technology and now focuses exclusively on powder based additive,
    layer-by-layer manufacturing processes
  • Exclusive sales agreement with HZS for Japan



  • EOS and Materialise collaborate on developing part positioning solutions in laser sintering systems
  • EOS quality management system (QMS) certificated under ISO 9001
  • Metal materials DirectMetal 50-V2 and DirectMetal 100-V3 and the micro ball peening and
    DirectTool applications presented
  • Presentation of the metal laser sintering system EOSINT M 250 Xtended, the metal DirectSteel 50-V1,
    and the 3V applicator for the sand laser sintering system; winner of the EuroMold Award International
  • EOS unveils conformal cooling and manufacture on preforms





  • Plastic laser sintering system EOSINT P 360 launched




  • Launch of the first European double head system EOSINT P 700 for the plastic laser sintering of
    prototypes opens up new dimensions for users: greater productivity / building speed / part quality;
    larger installation space; for use in cost effective, individual, batch-size-based serial production
  • A spin-off from Electrolux/RPI results in the foundation of EOS Oy, a development centre for metal materials in Turku, Finland
  • EOSINT metal for aluminium and magnesium die casting applications at Electrolux



EOSINT M 250 Xtended

  • EOS first presents 20 µm layers for the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process,
    thereby improving part quality
  • Plastic laser sintering system EOSINT P 380 launched
  • EOSINT M 250 Xtended is launched as a new DMLS system generation
  • Biocompatible polyamide PA 2200 launched
  • EOS Electro Optical System Ltd founded in Warwick, UK
  • EOS of North America, Inc. founded in Novi, USA





  • First EOS plastic system EOSINT P 700 installed at Synergeering SLS LLC, Michigan, USA
  • Metal material DirectSteel H 20 launched for tool building
  • DirectCast process: EOSINT S 750 double laser sintering system launched for processing
    croning mould materials for sand cores and moulds
  • Aluminium filled fine polyamide material Alumide launched
  • The material PA 2200 certificated for applications contacting most foodstuffs;
    new applications now possible in food production




  • Plastic laser sintering system EOSINT P 380i presented in a revised design
    that integrates the latest electrical and machine safety concepts
  • Presentation of an improved plastic PrimePart material
  • Presentation of the improved plastic PA 2200 material and the glass fibre filled polyamide PA 3200 GF
  • Carbon fibre filled fine polyamide CarbonMide launched
  • Presentation of two plastics systems: further development of EOSINT P 385 and further improved EOSINT P 700 system
  • The new Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) system EOSINT M 270 launched:
    many innovations for DirectPart applications, first commercial DMLS system with fibre laser


  • EOS India Branch Office founded in Chennai, India
  • EOS acquires KVS Kunststoffvertrieb Dr. Schiffers GmbH & Co KG in Ulm, Germany




  • Laser sintering for dental applications starts commercial utilization: start of serial production of dental implants
    based on the metal EOS CobaltChrome SP1
  • EOS Singapore Pte Ltd founded in Singapore
  • EOS Taiwan Rep. Office set up in Zhubei City, Taiwan
  • EOS unveils its solutions for the medical engineering sectors: blood centrifuges, dental and other implants, hearing aids
  • Launch of the plastic laser sintering system FORMIGA P 100 whose “FORMIGA Quality” is setting new standards
  • Further metal materials launched: EOS MaragingSteel MS1 and EOS CobaltChrome MP1
  • Presentation of the plastic laser sintering systems EOSINT P 730 and EOSINT P 390
  • Launch of the world’s first flameproof laser sintering plastic PA 2210 FR



  • EOS receives the German Top 100 award,
  • EOS wins Bavaria’s Best 50 award 
  • EOS is winner of Fair Company award



  • EOS & Trumpf: patent licence agreement with Concept Laser on the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process
  • EOS extends its partner network to Morris Technologies as an e-Manufacturing partner


  • EOS GmbH Korea Branch Office set up in Incheon City, South Korea
  • EOS introduces new plastic material: PrimePart DC, PrimePart ST, PA 2202 black, PA 2203 grey
  • EOS introduces EOS Titanium Ti64: the first commercial direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process for titanium



  • EOS receives the German Top 100 award
  • EOS wins the German Innovation award





Minister of State Emilia Müller and Dr. Hans Langer, Residenz Munich, Source: EOS

  • EOS leads the world market for laser sintering systems after a record year 2007
  • Presentation of the plastic laser sintering system EOSINT P 800 for processing the high performance polymer EOS PEEK HP 3
  • Introduction of the EOS Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) and EOS Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM)



  • EOS Founder Dr. Hans J. Langer is awarded the Bavarian State Medal
  • EOS receives the German Great Place to Work award



  • EOS & BEGO enter into a licensing agreement on the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process for dental applications
  • EOS & Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG license the DMLS process to MCP-HEK Tooling GmbH
  • EOS, Boeing, Evonik Industries, and MCP-HEK Tooling set up the Direct Manufacturing Research Center
    together with the University of Paderborn, Germany




  • EOS branch set up in Chemnitz, Germany, focusing on micro laser sintering (MLS)
  • Introduction of the plastic laser sintering systems EOSINT P 395 and EOSINT P 760
  • Introduction of the metal materials EOS NickelAlloy IN718 and EOS Aluminium AlSi10Mg
  • Introduction of the EOS Part Property Management (PPM) concept focusing on the standardisation of part properties for e-Manufacturing:
    customers can then optimise EOS technology/solutions to their specific applications



  • In UK, EOS incorporates BESTinCLASS in the exclusive joint venture BESTinCLASS Ltd. that spezialises in precision surface machining
  • EOS enters into diverse partnerships: with the Munich University for Applied Sciences, with the company Victrex, a strategic partnership
    with Advanced Laser Materials, and a programme partnership with Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship



  • As a partner, EOS supports the student sponsorship program of Strascheg Center of Entrepreneurship
  • Electro Optical Systems Nordic AB founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, for Northern Europe and the Baltic states
  • Introduction of the new metal material NickelAlloy IN 625
  • Introduction of the metal laser sintering system EOSINT M 280 with optional 200 W or 400 W fibre laser


  • In total, EOS has sold more than 1,000 laser sintering systems worldwide
  • Introduction of further quality assurance modules for metal applications for even better material
    and part properties and reproducibility: Laser Power Monitoring (LPM), Comfort Powder Module (CPM)



  • EOS founder Dr. Hans J. Langer is ranked by the British magazine TCT among the twenty most influential personalities in Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  • EOS receives the German Bavaria’s Best 50 award for the second time



  • EOS & ALM: Strategic EOS partner ALM acquires majority holding in INTEGRA
    (specialist in services on laser sintering systems)
  • EOS & EADS conduct a lifecycle analysis on Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) for the purpose
    of determining the potential savings in power and raw material consumption
  • EOS & BESTinCLASS: joint venture set up for the German speaking market-First Surface Oberflächentechnik GmbH






  • EOS receives the German Top 100 award for the third time
  • EOS and Cookson Precious Metals (CPM) enter into a strategic development partnership. CPM demonstrates for the first time its
    PRECIOUS M 080 prototypes for processing gold
  • Launch of the plastic laser sintering system FORMIGA P 110
  • EOS presents its expanded Part Property Management (PPM) concept
  • Introduction of the plastic materials PrimePart Plus, PrimePart FR, PrimePart ST, and PA 1101




Corporate Management EOS GmbH (f.l.t.r.): Christian Kirner/COO, Dr. Tobias Abeln/CTO, Dr. Hans J. Langer/Founder and CEO, Dr. Adrian Keppler/CMO (source: EOS GmbH); EOS M 400 AM metal system (source EOS GmbH)



  • As part of the “Top 100” innovation award 2013 EOS becomes “Innovator of the year”




New EOS Technology and Customer Centre in Krailling (source: EOS)

  • EOS celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • Opening of the new Technology and Customer Centre in the Krailling Innovation Mile (KIM)
  • Introduction of the metal laser sintering system EOS M 290 for the Additive Manufacturing of high-performance metal components
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