Rapid Prototyping

Many end products have one thing in common across industries: they are based on prototypes. These models represent significant development stages of design and construction processes. A prototype can play an important role in series production preparation. Or it serves as an individual piece a company uses to help visualise a specific concept.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) developed by EOS based on laser sintering technology is ideally suited for Rapid Prototyping (RP). Thanks to the highest possible degree of design freedom, even complex shapes such as bionic structures can be manufactured. It is possible to manufacture physical presentation and functional prototypes quickly and cost-efficiently without the need for manual processing – directly using three-dimensional CAD construction data. This makes the entire product development process considerably faster.

Flexible construction and material variants 

EOS systems build up prototypes as well as end products layer-by-layer. Different metal and plastic powder materials are available. Products made of different materials belonging to one material family (metal or plastic) can be processed on one machine. This is especially interesting for prototype manufacturing. Companies in many sectors of industry are now making successful use of laser sintering processes in their development and manufacturing processes.


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