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e-Manufacturing Partners

e-Manufacturing Partners work with EOS in order to raise the level of acceptance for Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology as a manufacturing method for end products. This covers promotion of the benefits attached to AM, the execution of AM projects, and the quest for ever improving the processes.

Know-How & Manpower

e-Manufacturing Partners have sufficient EOS e-Manufacturing capacity installed for executing your manufacturing projects. They also contribute to the joint objective of making e-Manufacturing  a production method by adding specific know-how on the technology - including software development or designing for laser-sintering.


All partners of the initiative maintain a high quality standard (e. g. ISO 9000 certification) for making your e-Manufacturing projects a success story.


  • Consulting on how to reach maximum benefit from e-Manufacturing with laser-sintering.
  • Executing end-to-end e-Manufacturing processes from design to post processing.
  • Feeding back lessons learned for improving the e-Manufacturing process.

How to become an e-Manufacturing Partner

e-Manufacturing Partners are by EOS invitation only. e-Manufacturing Partners are nominated if they share in the EOS vision of using e-Manufacturing as a production tool and for adding significant value in bringing this message to the market. The partners have substantial knowledge on the process that helps reaping the benefits of e-Manufacturing beyond rapid prototyping. The partners strive for market success by executing large scale manufacturing projects based on laser-sintering. They also feed back the lessons learned from the market to EOS in order to leverage success stories across industries.
With a full Committment to e-Manufacturing solutions from EOS, the partners integrate e-Manufacturing  into their marketing and sales efforts just as EOS highlights the e-Manufacturing partner network in the market.
3T additive manufacturing ltd

3T additive manufacturing ltd is a market leader in Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Product Development, producing functional and aesthetic prototypes as well as end products using laser-sintering technology. 3T additive manufacturing ltd is UK's largest laser-sintering service provider and operates three EOSINT M 270 systems. The company follows a consultative approach that ensures customers always receive the best quality, service and delivery for their manufacturing and prototyping requirements. 3T additive manufacturing ltd thus helps them to develop new products and launch them onto the marketplace ahead of the competition.
3T additive manufacturing ltd
Fulton Court, Wofford Way
New Greenham Park / Newbury 
Berkshire RG19 6HD / UK
Mr. Ian Halliday
Tel. +44 1635 580 284
Fax +44 1635 569 857

The vision of the Central University of Technology (CUT) is to be a globally connected South African technology university focussing on the needs of Southern Africa and supporting graduates with skills and competencies in appropriate technologies. CUT operates five EOS laser-sintering systems, among them the new titanium version of the EOSINT M 270 as well as two systems for plastic laser-sintering. The institute is working on academic research projects, and is closely in contact with South African companies for application development and technology transfer, diffusion and demonstration.
Central University of Technology, Free State
Private Bag X20539
BHP Biliton Building
ZA-9300 Bloemfontein
South Africa

Mr. Deon De Beer
Mr. Ludrick Barnard
Tel. +27 51 507 3253
Fax +27 51 507 3554

FKM Sintertechnik was founded in 1993 and is one oft he biggest service companies of the EOS Synthetic-Laser-Technology. At the moment FKM has 21 different EOSINT systems for plastic laser-sintering (including PEEK HP3) and direct metal laser-sintering (DMLS). FKM is your ideal partner concerning extensive product projects with a basis of laser-sintering.

Zum Musbach 6
35216 Biedenkopf

Mr. Dehnert
Tel +49 6461 75852-10
Fax +49 6461 75852-90

Founded in 2005, kuhn-stoff Gmbh & Co KG is a young company which is exclusively focusing on the design and manufacturing of laser-sintered parts made of polyamide. With this, kuhn-stoff is particularly supporting customers in the special purpose machinery manufacturing industry. kuhn-stoff is inspired by the EOS e-Manufacturing concept and fully supports it. He is the leading service provider when it comes to the implementation of laser-sintered parts as end products

kuhn-stoff GmbH & Co KG 
Drosselweg 1
88250 Weingarten

Hannes Kuhn 
Tel  + 49 751 5612898 
Fax +49 751 5688943
Materials Solutions

Materials Solutions
Materials Solutions is an application and materials development company, specialising in high temperature applications such as aero engines. Materials Solutions has five EOSINT M 270 machines, machine shop, abrasive blasting, its own heat treatment furnaces, inspection department including GOM scanner and CMM, microscopy including SEM and chemicals analysis laboratory. Materials Solutions develops process parameters and methods of manufacture for clients as well as contract manufacture of parts in nickel super alloys, stainless steels and cobalt chrome. Materials Solutions has multiple customer approvals and is AS9100 Rev C accredited.

Materials Solutions
Unit 8, Great Western Business Park, 
McKenzie Way,Worcester, WR4 9GN

Mr. Carl Brancher
Tel  +44 (0) 1905 732160 
Fax +44 (0) 1905 530224 

Founded in 2004, PRODINTEC is a non-profit technology centre based in the North of Spain. Main activities include R&D and innovation projects related to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Product Design and Product Engineering. PRODINTEC is specialised on supporting companies in the whole value chain for Additive Manufacturing, providing complete innovative solutions from 3D-scanning, to series production including the use of advanced software for Additive Manufacturing, quality control and post-processing. Those capabilities have made of PRODINTEC the leader in Spain in R&D projects and innovation services in Additive Manufacturing, performing more than 2.000 innovation services and 30 R&D projects in Additive Manufacturing in several sectors and applications, such as electronic equipment enclosures, medical implants, aerospace, automotive parts and conformal cooling moulds and micro-moulds.

Parque Científico Tecnológico de Gijón
Avda. Jardín Botánico, 1345
33203 Gijón

Hr. Iñigo Felgueroso
Tel.: +34 984 390 060
Fax: +34 984 390 061
Wolverhampton University

The Innovative Product Development Centre (IPDC*) at Wolverhampton University was founded in 2002. The IPDC is an ideal partner when it comes to evaluating how to make your products convincingly attractive - be it for existing or new markets. Currently the IPDC runs two DMLS systems. This enables them also turning your ideas into reality.

* IPDC is no EOS service provider.

Wolverhampton University
Innovative Product Development Centre