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Technology Partners

Partnerships with select technology leaders developing and offering products that complement Additive Manufacturing (AM)


Founded in Switzerland in 1995, BESTinCLASS SA has developed the micro-machining process (MMP), a proprietary precision surface finishing technique. MMP can finely distinguish and selectively apply different primary roughness, secondary roughness and waviness profiles to surfaces. Working from its own treatment labs, BESTinCLASS is poised to provide manufacturers with custom finishes to meet their specifications. An exceptional feature of MMP is its ability to provide selective surface finishes that can be reproduced to industrial standards. The company and the Joint venture using the MMP Technology employs 75 people worldwide, including 35 people in the headquarter in Genolier Switzerland.

Chemin de la Caisserie 4
CH - 1272 Genolier (Suisse)

Mr. Laurent Cataldo (CEO)
Tel  (+41) 22 994 40 50
Fax (+41) 22 994 40 51
Digital Forming

Digital Forming
Digital Forming Ltd. was established in November 2008 by 4 partners from science, creative and business backgrounds; Assa Ashuach, Dr Siavash Mahdavi, Nicolas de Cordes and Lisa Harouni. Digital Forming is a 3D software house that proposes to revolutionize product customization and co-design. The company has developed an extensive platform to link designers, brands, and their customers to Additive Manufacturing technology. Digital Forming offers its software and platform through a SaaS licensing model and undertakes consultancy for companies who are looking for a competitive edge through Additive Manufacturing technologies.

Digital Forming Ltd.
Mrs. Lisa Harouni 
Tel +44(0)7765 894 373 

DyeManison Logo

DyeMansion was founded in 2013 and offers industrial post-processing solutions. These solutions cover every step after the production of an additive manufactured part and are optimized for laser sintered plastics. Besides the world’s first automated coloring system DM60, DyeMansion’s product portfolio includes further systems for industrial surface finish and depowdering of SLS parts. In addition, DyeMansion is providing a coloring service. 

DyeMansion GmbH 
Robert-Koch-Straße 1
82152 Planegg 

Tel +49(0)89/414170500
Fax +49(0)89/414170511



Materialise was founded in 1990 and today is a world-wide leader for software solutions in the rapid manufacturing industry. Currently Materialise has an installed base of six EOS plastic laser-sintering systems. Materialise's role as EOS Partner is software development for enabling and optimizing the advanced use of industrial 3D printing. This ranges from STL file manipulation via job preparation to design optimization or even reverse engineering.

Technologielaan 15
BE-3001 Leuven / Belgien

Mr. Bart Van der Schueren
Tel +32 16 39 66-11
Fax +32 16 39 66-00