We are already looking forward to new inspiring artworks from the 2nd exhibition, which will be shown in Krailling from April 2018. The artist? This remains a mystery for the time being. Be curious ...

Unfortunately, the video is currently only available in German. Nevertheless, let yourself be inspired by the pictures.

„Art is the bridge between the digital and the real world, between technology and mankind.“ Hella und Dr. Hans Langer

Inspired by this thought, the Langer family has initiated the art project EOS.KUNST.RAUM (EOS.ART.SPACE) which places annually changing exhibitions of modern sculptures at the location of the EOS headquarter in Krailling. This project addresses in particular the employees of EOS, the customers, suppliers other business partners and, furthermore, art lovers and neighbors in Krailling and the surrounding area.

„We will be very happy if our art project manages to fascinate and initiate a fruitful dialog, as it provides inspiration for the spirit when we rethink accustomed ways of seeing the world from time to time and adopt new perspective.“

The exhibition "Presenza trasparente" by the Italian artist Nane Zavagno will kick off the series. His modern sculptures made of metal plates and metal grids will be shown in the KIM in Krailling by mid-December.
Download the catalog for the current exhibitition here.

The official opening took place with a vernissage on 30 June 2017 with invited guests. Here are some impressions of the festivities.
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 1
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 13
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 2
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 3
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 4
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 5
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 15
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 6
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 10
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 16
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 7
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 8
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 17
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 11
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 12
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 9
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 5
EOS.KUNST.RAUM_Vernissage_Bild 14