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Turning innovative ideas into a success story: with Additive Manufacturing from prototypes to serial production

We enable our customers to produce high quality products based on industrial 3D printing technologies. EOS is the global technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the field of additive manufacturing (AM).  Founded In 1989, we are a pioneer and world leader in the field of Direct Metal Laser sintering (DMLS) and provider of a leading polymer technology.  Learn more about us and the milestones of our company history in our below timeline.



EOS founder Dr Hans Langer

  • EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems founded by Dr. Hans J. Langer and Dr. Hans Steinbichler
  • The technology’s initial market success in USA show that Rapid Prototyping (RP) based on Additive Manufacturing (AM) is giving rise to a new market
  • Commercial utilisation of laser technology generating 3D bodies layer-by-layer directly from CAD data


BMW, Munich, Germany

  • BMW in Munich, Germany, is the first customer to order the STEREOS 400 stereolithography system for its development project 
  • Company relocates in Germany from Gräfelfing to Planegg
  • Dr. Steinbichler sells his EOS GmbH shares to Dr. Hans J. Langer
  • EOS provides solutions optimized for industrial applications, assumes the leading position
    for high end Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology, and becomes a development partner to the European industry
  • EOS provides stereolithography as an additive, layer-by-layer technology that produces parts from light curing,
    liquid resins and develops a digitisation system in the form of its EOSCAN 250




  • On launching its STEREOS 400 stereolithography system, EOS becomes the first European
    provider of these high-end Rapid Prototyping (RP) systems
  • Development on the EOSCAN 100 starts
  • EOS Electro Optical Systems S.A.S. founded in Lyon, France
  • EOS is now the only European manufacturer of laser assisted Rapid Prototyping (RP) systems


  • STEREOS 600 launched and the first system installed at German company Sollner for Mercedes-Benz
  • EOS presents its layer-by-layer technology for the first time at Dayton RP Conference in USA


  • Sales agreement between EOS and Hitachi Zosen Information Systems (HZS) in Japan,
    first systems sold (2 x STEREOS 600)
  • First EOSCAN 100 installed at BMW and IPT in Aachen, Germany




  • EOS extends its product portfolio to laser sintering, and becomes the world’s first provider of
    stereolithography and laser sintering systems
  • EOSINT P 350 launched: the first European laser sintering system for manufacturing plastic prototypes
  • In Germany the company expands to a new building
  • EOS belongs temporarily (until 1997) to the German majority shareholder Carl Zeiss Jena;
    inauguration of a production site in Jena
  • Desktop 200 for EOSINT P 350 and STEREOS launched at BIMU trade fair in Milan, Italy
  • Licensing agreements and cooperation projects with Electrolux RD for the further development of
    direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)
  • EOS presents its EOSINT M 160, the prototype of a commercial system for the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process




  • EOSINT M 250 launched: direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) system for Additive Manufacturing (AM) 
    of metal tools for plastics injection moulding, hence the start of rapid tooling
  • EOS is the leading provider of high-end rapid tooling technology
  • Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM) introduced for the optimized handling of large material quantities
  • EOSINT launched: world's first technology for the additive, direct manufacture of casting moulds/cores from
    foundry sand based on the so-called direct croning process (DCP)
  • First EOS International User Meeting (IUM) in Munich presents the two technologies provided by EOS
    (stereolithography and laser sintering)
  • Company expansion with a new sales and applications center
  • First sand laser sintering system EOSINT S 350 for the direct, tool-less manufacture of sand cores/moulds
    for metal cast parts installed at BMW in Landshut
  • STEREOS MAX 600 launched: first system installed at Foxbit, Italy




  • First EOSINT S 700 sand laser sintering system installed at BMW in Landshut, Germany
  • Polyamide material PA 1500 launched for EOSINT P 350 laser sintering systems
  • Glass filled polyamide material PA 1300 launched for EOSINT P 350 laser sintering systems
  • MAX 400 stereolithography system unveiled at EuroMold trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany
  • HZS and EOS jointly open technology center in Tokyo, Japan


  • EOS s.r.l. Electro Optical Systems founded in Milan, Italy
  • Launch of the fine metal material EOSINT M Cu 3201 (DirectMetal 50) and the fine polyamide PA 2200
  • EOS and 3D Systems agreement: STEREOS product line sold to 3D Systems; EOS takes over global
    patent rights for laser sintering technology and now focuses exclusively on powder based additive,
    layer-by-layer manufacturing processes
  • Exclusive sales agreement with HZS for Japan



  • EOS and Materialise collaborate on developing part positioning solutions in laser sintering systems
  • EOS quality management system (QMS) certificated under ISO 9001
  • Metal materials DirectMetal 50-V2 and DirectMetal 100-V3 and the micro ball peening and
    DirectTool applications presented
  • Presentation of the metal laser sintering system EOSINT M 250 Xtended, the metal DirectSteel 50-V1,
    and the 3V applicator for the sand laser sintering system; winner of the EuroMold Award International
  • EOS unveils conformal cooling and manufacture on preforms





  • Plastic laser sintering system EOSINT P 360 launched




  • Launch of the first European double head system EOSINT P 700 for the plastic laser sintering of
    prototypes opens up new dimensions for users: greater productivity / building speed / part quality;
    larger installation space; for use in cost effective, individual, batch-size-based serial production
  • A spin-off from Electrolux/RPI results in the foundation of EOS Oy, a development center for metal materials in Turku, Finland
  • EOSINT metal for aluminium and magnesium die casting applications at Electrolux


History EOS EOSINT M 250

EOSINT M 250 Xtended

  • EOS first presents 20 µm layers for the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process,
    thereby improving part quality
  • Plastic laser sintering system EOSINT P 380 launched
  • EOSINT M 250 Xtended is launched as a new DMLS system generation
  • Biocompatible polyamide PA 2200 launched
  • EOS Electro Optical System Ltd founded in Warwick, UK
  • EOS of North America, Inc. founded in Novi, USA




  • First EOS plastic system EOSINT P 700 installed at Synergeering SLS LLC, Michigan, USA
  • Metal material DirectSteel H 20 launched for tool building
  • DirectCast process: EOSINT S 750 double laser sintering system launched for processing
    croning mould materials for sand cores and moulds
  • Aluminium filled fine polyamide material Alumide launched
  • The material PA 2200 certificated for applications contacting most foodstuffs;
    new applications now possible in food production




  • Plastic laser sintering system EOSINT P 380i presented in a revised design
    that integrates the latest electrical and machine safety concepts
  • Presentation of an improved plastic PrimePart material
  • Presentation of the improved plastic PA 2200 material and the glass fiber filled polyamide PA 3200 GF
  • Carbon fiber filled fine polyamide CarbonMide launched
  • Presentation of two plastics systems: further development of EOSINT P 385 and further improved EOSINT P 700 system
  • The new Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) system EOSINT M 270 launched:
    many innovations for DirectPart applications, first commercial DMLS system with fiber laser


  • EOS India Branch Office founded in Chennai, India
  • EOS acquires KVS Kunststoffvertrieb Dr. Schiffers GmbH & Co KG in Ulm, Germany




  • Laser sintering for dental applications starts commercial utilization: start of serial production of dental implants
    based on the metal EOS CobaltChrome SP1
  • EOS Singapore Pte Ltd founded in Singapore
  • EOS Taiwan Rep. Office set up in Zhubei City, Taiwan
  • EOS unveils its solutions for the medical engineering sectors: blood centrifuges, dental and other implants, hearing aids
  • Launch of the plastic laser sintering system FORMIGA P 100 whose “FORMIGA Quality" is setting new standards
  • Further metal materials launched: EOS MaragingSteel MS1 and EOS CobaltChrome MP1
  • Presentation of the plastic laser sintering systems EOSINT P 730 and EOSINT P 390
  • Launch of the world's first flameproof laser sintering plastic PA 2210 FR


  • EOS receives the German Top 100 award,
  • EOS wins Bavaria's Best 50 award 
  • EOS is winner of Fair Company award


  • EOS & Trumpf: patent license agreement with Concept Laser on the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process


  • EOS GmbH Korea Branch Office set up in Incheon City, South Korea
  • EOS introduces new plastic material: PrimePart DC, PrimePart ST, PA 2202 black, PA 2203 grey
  • EOS introduces EOS Titanium Ti64: the first commercial direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process for titanium



  • EOS receives the German Top 100 award
  • EOS wins the German Innovation award




Staatsministerin Emilia Müller und Dr. Hans Langer, Residenz München Quelle: EOS

Minister of State Emilia Müller and Dr. Hans Langer, Residenz Munich, Source: EOS

  • EOS leads the world market for laser sintering systems after a record year 2007
  • Presentation of the plastic laser sintering system EOSINT P 800 for processing the high performance polymer EOS PEEK HP 3
  • Introduction of the EOS Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) and EOS Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM)



  • EOS Founder Dr. Hans J. Langer is awarded the Bavarian State Medal
  • EOS receives the German Great Place to Work award



  • EOS & BEGO enter into a licensing agreement on the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process for dental applications
  • EOS & Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG license the DMLS process to MCP-HEK Tooling GmbH
  • EOS, Boeing, Evonik Industries, and MCP-HEK Tooling set up the Direct Manufacturing Research Center
    together with the University of Paderborn, Germany




  • EOS branch set up in Chemnitz, Germany, focusing on micro laser sintering (MLS)
  • Introduction of the plastic laser sintering systems EOSINT P 395 and EOSINT P 760
  • Introduction of the metal materials EOS NickelAlloy IN718 and EOS Aluminium AlSi10Mg
  • Introduction of the EOS Part Property Management (PPM) concept focusing on the standardisation of part properties for e-Manufacturing:
    customers can then optimize EOS technology/solutions to their specific applications


  • In UK, EOS incorporates BESTinCLASS in the exclusive joint venture BESTinCLASS Ltd. that spezializes in precision surface machining
  • EOS enters into diverse partnerships: with the Munich University for Applied Sciences, with the company Victrex, a strategic partnership
    with Advanced Laser Materials, and a programme partnership with Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship


  • As a partner, EOS supports the student sponsorship program of Strascheg Center of Entrepreneurship
  • Electro Optical Systems Nordic AB founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, for Northern Europe and the Baltic states
  • Introduction of the new metal material NickelAlloy IN 625
  • Introduction of the metal laser sintering system EOSINT M 280 with optional 200 W or 400 W fiber laser


  • In total, EOS has sold more than 1,000 laser sintering systems worldwide
  • Introduction of further quality assurance modules for metal applications for even better material
    and part properties and reproducibility: Laser Power Monitoring (LPM), Comfort Powder Module (CPM)



  • EOS founder Dr. Hans J. Langer is ranked by the British magazine TCT among the twenty most influential personalities in Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  • EOS receives the German Bavaria’s Best 50 award for the second time



  • EOS & ALM: Strategic EOS partner ALM acquires majority holding in INTEGRA
    (specialist in services on laser sintering systems)
  • EOS & EADS conduct a lifecycle analysis on Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) for the purpose
    of determining the potential savings in power and raw material consumption
  • EOS & BESTinCLASS: joint venture set up for the German speaking market-First Surface Oberflächentechnik GmbH






  • EOS receives the German Top 100 award for the third time
  • EOS and Cookson Precious Metals (CPM) enter into a strategic development partnership. CPM demonstrates for the first time its
    PRECIOUS M 080 prototypes for processing gold
  • Launch of the plastic laser sintering system FORMIGA P 110
  • EOS presents its expanded Part Property Management (PPM) concept
  • Introduction of the plastic materials PrimePart Plus, PrimePart FR, PrimePart ST, and PA 1101




Corporate Management EOS GmbH (f.l.t.r.): Christian Kirner/COO, Dr. Tobias Abeln/CTO, Dr. Hans J. Langer/Founder and CEO, Dr. Adrian Keppler/CMO (source: EOS GmbH); EOS M 400 AM metal system (source EOS GmbH)



  • As part of the “Top 100” innovation award 2013 EOS becomes “Innovator of the year”



EOS Technologie- und Kundenzentrum

New EOS Technology and Customer Center in Krailling (source: EOS)

  • EOS celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • Opening of the new Technology and Customer Center in the Krailling Innovation Mile (KIM)
  • Introduction of the metal laser sintering system EOS M 290 for the Additive Manufacturing of high-performance metal components


EOS M 100 Content 

EOS M 100

  • EOS strengthens its DMLS portfolio with the EOS M 100, a high-end system for the fast and efficient production of complex metal parts
  • Introduction of further quality assurance modules: EOSTATE MeltPool enables monitoring and analysis of the building process. EOSTATE Everywhere allows direct insights into the status of process and system via App.


  • Manager Magazin and Bain & Company award "Game Changer Award" for the first time – EOS receives the award in "Challengers" Category


  • EOS enters into a three-year technical partnership with Williams


  • With the EOS M 400-4, EOS introduces its biggest and fastest system for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
  • EOS presents new high-throughput polymer system EOS P 770 with a production volume of over 150 liters
  • Additive Minds: Consulting division rebrands and extends technology consulting and knowledge transfer portfolio 
  • EOS expands U.S. presence with opening of new facility in Texas

  • EOS Founder Dr. Hans J. Langer receives SME Additive Manufacturing Industry Achievement Award

  • EOS and SKZ step up cooperation
  • Executive Education Program with IESE Business School


Weltneuheit EOS P 500

  • EOS introduces polymer system EOS P 500
  • EOS presents new version of job an process management software EOSPRINT 2 
  • Introduction of EOSTATE ExposureOT for real-time monitoring of metal-based Additive Manufacturing
  • Dr. Adrian Keppler appointed CEO and speaker of corporate management at EOS GmbH
  • EOS initiates EOS.KUNST.RAUM and starts with exhibition "Presenza Trasparente"


  • Dr. Hans J. Langer inducted into 3D printing TCT Hall of Fame
  • EOS systems and solutions receive seal of quality "Global Market Leader Champions"
  • Award as one of the most innovative companies in germany
  • Additive Minds receives Award "Top Consultant 2017"


  • Development partnership with Audi
  • EOS sponsors the “Roboy" research project at TU Munich
  • Cooperation with University Wolverhampton and SRH Hochschule Berlin
  • Partnership with AEROTEC and Daimler as part of the project "Next Gen AM"