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Organisations around the world are under increasing pressure to innovate faster and better than competitors. Even so, they are sometimes slow to adopt AM because the necessary expertise is hard to find and this translates to potential investment risk. Additive Minds solves these problems and enables your organisation to enjoy the full potential of AM by giving you all the know-how you need to outperform competitors. We can transfer the necessary expertise wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Fast.

Minimise investment risks and optimise competitive advantage through AM innovation.

Industrial 3D printing is about to enter serial mass production. The key challenges are:
How can you minimize investment risks? How do you gain competitive advantage?
We accelerate your transformation with extra values:

  • Transfer of expertise is rapid and pragmatic
  • Training is provided by our large, reliable network of AM experts
  • AM enablement programs are customised to your specific needs
  • Tangible results delivered in short time frames

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Additive Minds in Action: 8 Steps to Additive Manufacturing Success

The newst Additive Minds webinar in video format: From functional integration and lightweight construction to complex geometries and reduced manufacturing costs, additive manufacturing creates new possibilities for design and manufacturing. This presentation describes the steps needed to become an additive manufacturing champion.

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Build up and maintain the necessary 3D printing expertise! Watch out for our extensive workshop portfolio


Build up the necessary know-how in AM with one-day trainings up to a sixmonth educational program.


We assist you in every step of your 3D printing roadmap to industrial production to get faster and better.

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