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Reliable Additive Manufacturing Machines  DMLS. The standard in metal 3D printing

The metal-based additive manufacturing technology of DMLS® is the technology of choice for EOS metal additive manufacturing machines for almost three decades, and is now the standard in metal 3D printing. Metal parts produced with DMLS technology achieve uniform part quality with properties like those produced by conventional casting or forging processes

EOS offers industrial 3D printing systems that can be flexibly integrated into existing production environments with a range of different build space sizes, laser power ratings and scalability. Our metal 3D printers are based on the DMLS process

Additive manufacturing systems with proven DMLS quality – perfectly suited to your individual manufacturing requirements

We offer compact 3D printing systems to manufacture delicate metal components, powerful mid-size solutions with a broad portfolio of materials and ultra-fast four-laser systems for the production of high-quality series parts.

A practical and comprehensive guided tour through the different types of our metal 3D printers

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