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Remote Service Increase your system availability to the max with remote support

Save time and money with EOS Remote Services. Our trained EOS Global Service experts are at your side, literally just a mouse click away. The remote support is shortening unplanned system downtimes and enables a secure way to perform initial diagnostics and having malfunctions fixed quickly and safely. The TÜV IT-certified and secure EOSYSTEM RemoteService Solution enables direct system analysis on the basis of a certified and encrypted VPN connection initiated by you

Worried who gets access –  not with EOS.

Our solution is TÜViT Trusted Product certified with secure VPN connection, SSL encryption and communication via a central server located in a DMZ (DeMilitarizedZone)—and made in Germany.

You are always in the driver seat: Connection to your system is only possible if you initiate it. Once the work is done the remote session is closed. Afterwards, there is no way for EOS to re-connect with the system—only if you launch a new remote service request. So, you don’t need to be concerned simply benefit from your EOS service expert directly at your side.

Remote Service by EOS  How it works

Secure and Fast Support  with Remote Service

Test EOS Remote Service free of charge during the warranty!

Kevin Weigel
Team Manager Tech Support

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