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With our innovative 3D printing technology, we make sustainable solutions possible for your industry. EOS partnerships with leading and experienced experts offer exclusive services in specific industrial areas.


EOS hardware is a critical component of the project. Our collaboration enabled us to create a way for jewelry designers to break new ground – without any form of compromise. We were also able to reduce the required volume and hence the cost of raw materials. The bottom line is an environmentally friendly and creative service for jewelry designers.

David Fletcher | Product Manager Europe | Cookson Precious Metals 


Cooksongold is a leading provider of precious metal products in Europe, supplying alloys, wires, sheets, tubes, coin blanks and cast grains made from gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Cooksongold is also a major precious metal refiner and complies with the London Bullion Market Association’s “Good Delivery” production standard.


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