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10 Key Skills for Industrial 3D Printing - The Know-how You Need Along the Process Chain


August 2021 - With such a disruptive innovation as 3D printing, sector growth has happened much more quickly than the education offering for the workforce. To become AM experts, employees need to re-skill or up-skill into new roles.

EOS factory of the future | © EOS

Scale your Additive Manufacturing Production - With the Highest Return on Investment

Consulting, Digital Factory

August 2021 - How to increase and optimize the productivity of an industrial 3D printing factory with minimum effort? We used simulation software to simulate the Additive Manufacturing process and the post-processing steps. Our customer use case makes the scaling process easy to follow. 

How to bring a part to serial production? – Additive Manufacturing qualifications in regulated industries

Serial production

July 2021 - Industries such as aerospace and medical technology are becoming adaptation leaders of Additive Manufacturing (AM). The use of AM in safety critical applications allows for high standards to set the precedent for excellent quality, safety, and reliability.

How to Create Differently with DMLS®? – Recipe to Create an Amazing Product


July 2021 - Designing a new product has become as easy as baking a cake! Here is the recipe to combine all the ingredients to print a fantastic product. See how we designed a pen using all the freedom offered by Additive Manufacturing.

Introducing Positive Leadership - Making Happiness a Focus for our Organization


June 2021 - At EOS, we have dedicated ourselves to make happiness a focus the entire organization. We believe in a positive company culture. Therefore, we have started a global cultural transformation to create a safe space, while focusing on our strengths, common goals, and solutions.

Reinventing the Eyewear Industry - How Industrial 3D Printing and a Convergence of Technologies Allowed Fitz Frames to Change an Industry


June 2021 - In the latest Additive Snack podcast episode, Katie Brandeau, the Chief Product Officer of Fitz Frames, joined podcast host, Fabian Alefeld, to discuss how Fitz Frames creates custom eyewear for children with the snap of a camera, or more specifically, a selfie.

EOS factory of the future | © EOS

EOS Developer Network -  Streamlined for our Software Development Partners


June 2021 - A major evolution of the EOS Developer Network is the recently launched EDN Portal. The web-based service brings our virtual systems to the cloud, thus making it even easier to connect to EOS APIs and test software.

What’s in a name? – Do We 3D Print or Additively Manufacture?

3D Printing

May 2021 - 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing are two dominant terms used for our industry and class of technologies. Let’s take a look at where these terms came from and what they mean.

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Serial Production | © FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Serial Production

FIT and EOS - pioneers of Additive Manufacturing  and innovative companions for over 25 years


April 2021 - FIT was one of the first service bureaus to focus on rapid prototyping using 3D printing. Today the specialty supplier operates one of the largest additive manufacturing factories in Germany with 21 EOS systems.

Put a Bird On It - Why Isn’t it Easier to Launch a Product with an Innovative Lattice Design?

3D Printing

April 2021 - While many industries are diving into additive manufacturing (AM) successfully and launching products, some just dip a toe in and then push pause.  So why are some companies struggling to get deeper into AM? What challenges should they anticipate?

Pushing Boundaries in China - EOS opens new office and technology center in Shanghai


March 2021 - The new EOS location in the South of Shanghai shows the newest technology and innovation projects for our customers. The investment is part of a long-term commitment to help our key innovators in China to push boundaries and develop new solutions to increase their gain.

Henry Ford Community College | © Henry Ford Community College

Promoting Diversity, Growing Opportunities in STEM Fields - Partnership with Henry Ford College


March 2021 - EOS is committed to help facilitate positive changes, and minimize the barriers faced by underserved populations, including black, indigenous, and students of color enrolled in STEM degree programs. We are honored to partner with Henry Ford College to encourage and support individuals in their educational pursuits.

How to Implement Additive Manufacturing Successfully - Creating Value by Setting the Base for a Holistic Implementation

3D Printing

February 2021 - Implementing additive manufacturing can be a long and difficult process. Learn how your organization can prepare correctly to be set up for success and create added value.

Building process of an EOS M 290, DMLS, 3D printing, metal, laser | © EOS

Plan, Print, Perfect - Finding Success in Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing

February 2021 - Additive manufacturing (AM) is a sophisticated process that is uncovering new production capabilities and business benefits for many organizations. Learn how the AM journey can lead your organization to success.

iphone | © EOS

Immersive Learning for Additive Manufacturing - eLearning Award 2021 goes to Additive Minds Academy 


February 2021 - Augmented Virtuality breaks down the walls between learning and working. Knowledge comes to the place where it is needed in the moment of need. Not everything that is possible has been implemented yet, but we are taking big steps forward.

Responsible Manufacturing Sustainability will be our key driver as of 2021

Responsible Manufacturing

January 2021 - What will be the key trends for 3D printing in 2021? CEO Marie Langer predicts that sustainability will become a huge priority for additive manufacturing companies together with digitization and industrialization.

EOS has joined AMGTA -  How to advance sustainability in the AM industry?

Responsible Manufacturing

December 2020 - EOS is a member of the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) that published a first research paper on sustainability. In our interview, Sherry Handel, Executive Director of AMGTA, talks about the environmental impacts of additive manufacturing.

Building without support? Possibilities and Limitations

3D Printing

December 2020 - Building without supports or with a minimum of supports is a hot topic in metal powder bed fusion. The reason is apparent: Cost reduction. The number of supports impacts not only post-processing but also build-time and material consumption.

On-Demand Manufacturing - the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

3D Printing

November 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the medical industry worldwide. As a result, additive manufacturing entered the conversation to help the medical industry as a powerful short-and long-term solution for supply chains.

AdditiveMinds Consulting, EOS, 3D printing | © EOS

Additive Minds Academy -  the learning journey has started


November 2020 - Real and virtual learning worlds will be the cornerstone of the additive manufacturing industry. Additive Minds Academy bundles all competencies relating to training, learning and knowledge sharing. 

EOS Xperience Day 2020 Collaboration is key to move into digital production

Digital Factory

October 2020 - An event packed with valuable information about additive manufacturing (AM) that gave an insight into plastic and metal 3D printing. The  EOS Xperience Day 2020 brought together customers, partners, and interested parties from 80 countries. 

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