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For us, being technology leaders means accompanying you on your path to success by offering know-how at every level. Our training courses target a wide range of users, from machine operators and application specialists to product managers, providing content that is always relevant to you.

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3D Printing Courses, Workshops & Trainings  A Modern Mix of Methods - Your Direct Path to Expertise

We combine e-learning with conventional training methods. This gives you maximum flexibility when planning your training to fit in with the demands of your everyday business. This freedom also gives you the opportunity to increase personal learning efficiency and reach your goals faster. All of our trainers have multiple years of experience with industrial 3D printing and are familiar with the obstacles faced by many users when getting started.


All types of expertise: blended learning paths for every role in the team


Knowledge transfer across a mix of media: classroom training courses, web-based training and self-study


Flexible supervision: ability to contact seminar groups and lecturers at any time 

Our Training portfolio for additive manufacturing teams

Learning Paths for Integrated Knowledge Training and E-Learning Courses on All Aspects of Additive Manufacturing

Blended learning paths combine technological and business know-how. They cover everything that a high-performance additive manufacturing team needs to know. You can start a path at any time. The learning paths, learning modules and learning nuggets include theory, self-study, feedback rounds, and practical sessions.

The learning paths concentrate our experience from consulting and technical training and prepare you ideally for every type of additive manufacturing role.
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The Additive Minds Academy’s mission is to develop innovative learning formats and impart application-oriented knowledge about industrial 3D printing in the shortest possible time.

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Patrick Schrade
Head of Application Engineering & Head of Additive Minds Academy

Our Integrated Solution Portfolio  Your Production Solution From a Single Source

We offer customer-specific 3D manufacturing solutions for the entire value chain – from conception, design and engineering to production and post-processing, right up to the finished part. Benefit from more than 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing and take advantage of our full portfolio of systems, consulting and services for industrial 3D printing. Together with you and our highly effective network of partners, we can develop the solutions that you need for your own production to achieve a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.