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Improve People’s Lives – Additive Manufacturing for Medicine, Sports, and Consumer Goods

When technology adapts, people benefit. By quickly implementing customized products with additive manufacturing, you can make your customers’ lives more sustainable and comfortable. Additive manufacturing has the potential to drastically change the industrial value chain and shape the manufacturing world of the future. Indeed, design freedom and customization, sustainability, rapid product development and the cost advantages associated with them are setting the pace for the flexible production of today.

Design iterations can already be implemented both digitally and physically during the product development phase – simply by adapting the 3D data. This reduces development cycles and allows sustainable product innovations to be rapidly implemented at lower cost.

The industrial 3D printing systems by EOS allow you to react quickly to the requirements of volatile markets and take advantage of trends such as the increasing customization of end products. Additive manufacturing technology allows you to plan and cost-efficiently produce an increasingly large range of product variants. Production “on demand” gives you higher margins with lower storage costs.

Applications in Medical Technology Implementing 3D Printing Specifically for Medical Purposes 

Every person is unique. In dental medicine, orthopedics and implants, this means that improved patient care and outcomes via precisely fitting medical products. These fields need parts whose materials and processing meet extremely high quality standards. The same is true for specialized surgical instruments and medical devices. In addition, the products need to be available quickly and cost-efficient to manufacture.

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3D Printing 

Orthoses, Dental and Medical Technology

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Applications in Sports and Consumer Goods Transform Any Conceivable Shape Into a Product With Additive Manufacturing

Tackle the trend toward increased customization and tailor-made end products: additive manufacturing technology opens up a whole universe of new design opportunities for designers and engineers. Users can quickly convert almost any conceivable shape into a real product flexibly and quickly, with minimal material consumption. 

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3D Printing

Applications for Lifestyle, Sports & Consumer Goods

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