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    Additive Manufacturing Blog, April 2022

    The Shift to Mass Customization

    - how the freedom of AM brings customization to consumers. 

As an EOS polymer engineer, one of the many things I've learned from 3D printing application design is that consumers are becoming interested in products tailored to them, based on style, their physical traits, and that meet their desired performance characteristics. These same consumers also have a growing desire for more sustainably produced products with responsible manufacturing.

Thomas Landon
Material Process Engineer Polymers
AMNA - Applied Technology

One of the fundamental benefits of additive manufacturing (AM) is customization. Many of the customers and organizations we work with are moving away from previous polymer production technologies and gravitating towards selective laser sintering (SLS) because of the design freedom, elimination of tooling and molds, and competitive edge.

We see customers in industries such as dental, medical, and consumer goods leveraging polymer 3D printing with technology, such as the FORMIGA P 110 Velocis, to set themselves apart in their markets:

Panthera Dental – On Demand Customized Mouth Guards

Panthera created a faster supply chain of fully customized, biocompatible mouth guards for dental professionals by leveraging their fully digital ‘Industry 4.0’ laboratory of 3D printing systems and SLS materials. With Panthera’s innovative approach, Dentists can now send digital files and images directly to the manufacturer, decreasing production and supply chain pain points. 

Fitz Frames – Custom Eyewear for Children

Fitz Frames identified a gap in eyewear sizing for children and lack of customization for the lifestyle of younger kids. With their facial scanning app, smartphones can now create files to produce “many of one” batches of eyewear with each pair unique to the consumer – no molds required. Producing orders on-demand eliminates warehousing while delivering tailored, individualized frames for higher overall satisfaction. 

If you are curious about polymer 3D printing and its production benefits, consider learning more about the FORMIGA P 110 Velocis, our entry-level polymer SLS printer. When precision is required, this is my go-to system. 

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Thomas Landon
Material Process Engineer Polymers
AMNA - Applied Technology