• Additive Manufacturing Blog, October 2020

    EOS Xperience Day 2020 
    Collaboration is key to move into digital production

The EOS Xperience Day on October 19th brought together customers, partners, and interested parties from 80 countries. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was hosted digitally. The event consisted of live sessions, user experiences, key notes, panels, updates about our products and services, an exhibition area, and time for networking.

Markus Glasser
Senior Vice President EMEA

EOS Xperience Day 2020 Collaboration is key to move into digital production

The day was packed with valuable information about additive manufacturing (AM) that gave an insight into plastic and metal additive manufacturing. As well as how industrial 3D printing is changing the future of production, with best practice examples from our partners, the LEGO Group, DyeMansion, and Dunlee.

LEGO keynote addresses critical issues

Ronen Hadar, Senior Director Additive Design & Manufacturing at the LEGO Group gave the keynote at the Xperience Day. Ronen holds a PhD in innovation design, and he has focused on Industry 4.0 and digital production. He discussed the challenges in large scale additive manufacturing (AM) production of consumer goods and emphasized the high expectations concerning quality and safety, which currently still limit the use of new technologies. Furthermore, he stated that we need increased automation and integration for intelligent processes. Hadar made it clear that we still have a lot to work on, but if we work hard, there is great potential for additive manufacturing in the consumer goods industry.

Dunlee successfully overcame challenges

Alexander Eitel, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Dunlee believes that the customer should be at the center of the product development. EOS and Dunlee joined forces earlier this year to ramp up anti-scatter grid production in response to the coronavirus. CT imaging has emerged as a valuable weapon in the war against this virus, because of the modality’s ability to detect the white spots in the lungs that are a sign of COVID-19. To support patient access to CT exams, Dunlee has increased 3D printing of tungsten anti-scatter grids, which are an important component of quality CT systems. With a thickness of only 100 microns, Dunlee’s anti-scatter grid significantly improve CT images by absorbing scatter radiation that can degrade image quality. This high-volume application requires outstanding detail resolution. Through our partnership, we learned that application and material requirements are an important driver for the broader development of our DMLS technology.

My personal take-away from this interactive day was that innovation and collaboration go hand in hand. None of us can create the perfect conditions for digital production alone but if we continue the open dialogue and challenge each other, we can enable the production of the future together.

Virtual Showroom Tour

My colleague Sean Kelly, Head of Life Cycle Solutions, gave a virtual showroom tour for polymer and metal systems. If you missed the Xperience Day, you can still take the tour with him. Just click, explore, and learn.

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Markus Glasser
Senior Vice President EMEA