Working in Corona times: Your questions, our answers

The EOS Group is financially stable and economically successful. Industrial 3D printing is a future technology with a lot of potential, and we can show the societal benefits especially in the Corona crisis. 3D printing is making important contributions to the management of the pandemic: for example, by setting up decentralized, local manufacturing structures, which helps with supply bottlenecks, or by producing medical utensils such as Corona test sticks. Read more here. We believe in ourselves, our technology and our commercial success. 

Since spring 2020, we have switched to a virtual application process at EOS. We conduct discussions and interviews via the Microsoft Teams software. You don't have to download the software to participate. We will send you an access link with the appointment confirmation. You can use this link to participate via cell phone or computer/laptop with camera. If you have any questions, just contact us.

We organize our Welcome Days / Onbording around all organizational questions as an online meeting. This gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know other new colleagues even during corona times. The technical induction is tailored to personal needs and the requirements of the respective position. Much of this takes place virtually, for example a tour of our showroom. If necessary, additional face-to-face appointments take place in compliance with the applicable Corona safety measures and hygiene rules.

The safety and health of our employees is our top priority. In the course of the first lockdown, EOS established a Corona core team to deal with employee protection and the current hygiene measures. Home office is currently a priority, which is why a large number of colleagues work from home. Naturally, we provide support in setting up the workplace. For knowledge exchange, team meetings or customer appointments we use common platforms like MS Teams and Zoom. Business trips are severely limited. To keep everyone up to date, there are regular Corona News and virtual employee info events.

The balancing act between workload and childcare/home schooling is an immense challenge for all parents.  Depending on the individual situation, we look for solutions that are feasible for all parties with a great deal of flexibility in terms of working hours and location.

Corona will be with us for a while, so we are continuously looking for new formats for social exchange. We use platforms, social networks and forums to offer parents, singles and other interest groups, for example, an opportunity for casual interaction and exchange.

We also keep moving, even if that's not so easy right now. With online courses on sports and relaxation, we offer suggestions for a mindful approach to oneself.

As far as possible during the training period, our trainees are also in the home office and coordinate daily via Microsoft teams with their colleagues as well as their respective trainers.

The technical training of our mechatronics engineers as well as the practical training of our warehouse staff continues to take place on site, naturally in compliance with the applicable Corona safety measures and hygiene rules.

We are also training this year. We still have a few training positions available for September 2021 - anyone who is interested can find all further information on our trainee page.

Application FAQs

As part of the first lockdown, we switched to a virtual application process at EOS. In this regard, we work with MS Teams.

You do not have to download the MS Teams software to participate. We will send you an access link for each interview in advance. You can use this link to participate either via your cell phone or via your computer/laptop with camera. If you have any questions, please contact your recruiter. 

We have a culture of using the informal "Du" form at EOS, so we decided to carry this over to communications with our applicants. This means that you’re welcome to use the informal "Du" in your cover letter or in conversations with us.

But if you feel more comfortable with the formal "Sie", that’s no problem either. Some managers at EOS feel the same way, since the formal "Sie" is still viewed as a form of courtesy in Germany.  

For us, it doesn’t matter whether we switch to "Du" already in the application process or wait for the Welcome Days to make it a special occasion – it’s up to you. 

In each job advertisement, you’ll find an “apply now” button that will take you directly to our application form. You should fill out this form completely. Any required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). You can upload your attachments directly in the form. Once we receive your application, the system will send you an automatic confirmation message.

If you experience any problems, please let us know. You can contact us either at recruiting[at] or by telephone at +49 89 89336 2931. 

We ask that applicants do not submit applications by e-mail due to our data protection guidelines. In the interest of environmentally friendly paper avoidance and effective processing, we ask that you refrain from sending application folders by mail. 

We want a complete picture of you. But for a first impression, your resume and a letter of motivation will be enough. Your letter of motivation should address the following points:

  • What inspires you about EOS?
  • Why is your profile exactly right for the position? 
  • What do you bring to the table?
  • Your salary expectations
  • Your earliest possible starting date

You’re also welcome to attach any past job references or additional qualifications if you have them at hand. If we need them, we’ll ask you for them specifically later.

You’ll find the contact person for each position directly in the job advertisement. If you aren’t able to reach them, you’re welcome to contact recruiting[at] or our recruiting coordinator at +49 89 89336 2931. They’ll forward your inquiry to the right people internally. 

Our telephone interviews typically last for 30 minutes and are conducted by the recruiter for your position. They focus on a discussion about the job position and its requirements and expectations.

At least as long as it takes to answer all your questions. 

We usually plan for about 1.5 hours, and occasionally 2 hours. Job interviews with students typically last for around 1 hour.

Please note: Since April 2020, our job interviews have taken place virtually. See also question 1. 

After some brief introductions, we’ll go into more detail about your resume and your motivation for the position. We’ll talk some more about what the job involves and answer any remaining questions. There is also a technical section where we’ll test your technical knowledge more closely. After that, there’ll be plenty of time for your own questions and more information about the benefits and working atmosphere at EOS. 

We prefer direct applications for vacancies because they correspond to specific needs and we can give a prompt response.

Please use our travel expenses form to submit your travel expenses. Fill out the form and send it directly to our recruiting coordinator (recruiting[at] We’ll process your application as quickly as possible.

Any Unanswered Questions? Contact us.

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Please note: to simplify the language and without any intention to discriminate, we only use male pronouns. This is intended to include all genders.

Stephanie Feddema
Recruiting Coordinator