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How can we offer guidance for applicants to present ourselves as a potential employer? In our opinion, nothing beats a personal introduction. A few of your future colleagues would like to tell you about their everyday work at EOS, and you can read about our open positions. Click to browse and apply for the right position for you. One job. Endless possibilities. It’s whatever you make of it – we look forward to meeting you!
Alexander | Senior Vice President Human Resources
“It all started with a conversation with Marie Langer in August 2021. The conversation turned into more and I was quickly infected. I had worked for 23 years in a wide variety of areas at a large, highly innovative US IT company. I was attracted to bringing this broad experience to EOS. Because EOS is indeed a highly innovative company, continuously spearheading the market and regularly pushing this highly exciting technology to the limit. My goal is to contribute my experience to the benefit of EOS, so that together we can make EOS successful, realize its great potential and develop the culture further. I am sure that we will succeed - if we set the focus correctly and implement the current strategy consistently and sustainably!”
Invent the future every day
As pioneers in industrial 3D printing, EOS has been on the market for 30 years. Whether in system development, applications or materials research for metals and polymers – our development engineers keep their finger on the pulse of additive manufacturing. Despite a wildly different set of personalities, our R&D team is united by their belief in the potential of our technology, as well as the knowledge that we can achieve whatever we set out to do for our customers by working together. Driven by solutions instead of problems, hungry for knowledge and constantly in close personal contact with one another.
Natascha | Product Line Owner Inbound
“If I had to describe our technology in just one word: magical. Consider the antenna mount, for example. Thanks to its optimized shape and new structure, we managed to reduce the part’s weight by 40% while also exceeding the target properties. Creating something yourself – from the CAD drawings to the finished part – is simply magical. We cover a wide range of applications – some parts are made from metal for the aviation sector, others are made from gold for the jewelry industry. Every customer application represents a new and exciting challenge. Which makes every day different.”
Franz-Josef | Technical Project Manager
“Even after more than a decade, I’m still excited about industrial 3D printing: we’re making complex parts out of nothing. As an engineer, there’s nothing like developing a new system and being there as it progresses from the concept phase to its first successful application. We have to think like visionaries and there’s nothing out there to guide us. Especially now that our systems are beginning to be used for series production. We’re measuring ourselves up against conventional technologies. Our responsibility is growing. But that’s exactly what motivates me – together with a good working atmosphere and great colleagues!”
Heiko | Team Manager Material Development Polymer
“My team’s work involves selecting suitable base polymers, converting them to a powder-based material compatible with laser sintering and process development on the machines. The goal is always to achieve the best possible performance for the final parts. What’s great about it: there are close exchanges between the market and development team, and we have the opportunity to experience the target applications that will use our powder. The great variety of tasks means that we’re always learning about new topics and participating in basic research. Team spirit and constant knowledge transfer are top priorities to ensure we’re successful.”
Margit | Team Manager Laboratory
“In 2011, I was the very first employee hired specifically for the laboratory. Today, our laboratory is responsible for mechanically and physically evaluating powders and parts, and we are working to ensure that every EOS laboratory site uses comparable measurement methods. As a manager, I believe that it’s very important for my team to work independently. This ensures that everyone has creative freedom, and I can devote myself to ensuring personal development for each of my employees. Thanks to my 32-hour contract, I can balance my leadership role and my responsibilities as the mother of a 4-year-old daughter very successfully.”
Mohit | Additive Manufacturing Specialist Polymer
“EOS technology is revolutionary! As an application engineer, I see the impact my work has on industries like automotive, aerospace, and medical. The work we do has a direct impact on these industries by helping develop an entirely new way of manufacturing – Additive Manufacturing. AM allows industries to produce high volume parts at a low turnover time. It’s amazing to see the positive impacts AM has had on these industries.”
Optimizing the factory of the future, down to the very last detail.
The EOS software portfolio covers every process step of industrial 3D printing, including quality assurance – whether for individual production or self-optimizing series production in a digital factory. Our software developers do everything they can to ensure that our solutions integrate seamlessly, present a user-friendly interface and capture any relevant information in real time. Rapid technological development means that this task constantly generates new challenges and demands the highest levels of technical expertise.
Bernd | Head of Software Development
“Software and digitalization are key elements of EOS solutions. Our software is what brings the machines to life. It guides the interactions between the laser and the material and analyzes data about the quality of parts. To ensure that our technology is always up-to-date, we have great creative freedom to work on innovative and complex topics in small teams, and we implement Scrum with two-week sprints. Using software to improve the system productivity and part quality is quite simply fun.”
Making customer projects happen, straight to the point.
In 2017, EOS opened a new production site in Maisach to further expand capacity to meet the market’s increasing demand. For our colleagues in quality management and production, this means keeping track of things and managing them in a world that’s spinning faster and faster. This is the only way to achieve both high quality and on-time delivery for every single EOS system. And that’s what we’re all working toward.
Daniela, Commissioning Engineer EOS GmbH | © EOS
Daniela | Commissioning Technician Polymer
“Before joining EOS, I worked at a large corporation and wanted to study. I applied here because industrial 3D printing is an extremely exciting technology of the future. During my interview, they already dedicated lots of time to showing me around the entire production facilities. That’s something you’ll only see in a family business. Performance is valued, people are treated fairly, and your colleagues are just as approachable as your managers. I feel at home with EOS.”
Raphael Torpier, Commissioning Technician EOS GmbH | © EOS
Raphael | Commissioning Technician with Machine Responsibility
“My job as a commissioning technician with machine responsibility combines demanding technical challenges with organizational tasks. This makes my work diverse and interesting. I also get to decide for myself how to do things – and I can always ask my boss if there are tricky questions. This combination of freedom and leadership is a great foundation for personal development. And collaboration within the team is great, with a casual atmosphere: I really enjoy working here.”
Jochen | Head of Quality Assurance
“I felt straight away that EOS truly lives according to its values. I am respected as a person, and my skills are valued. EOS is a family-owned company that’s traditionally minded and acts sustainably. Relationships with employees, customers and suppliers are designed for the long term. As Head of Quality Assurance, I expect my employees to show passion for their work. We monitor the high quality standards shared by every individual in the company. That’s how we help to meet the customer’s expectations every day.”
Oskar Greinwald, Team Manager Assembly EOS GmbH | © EOS
Oskar | Team Manager Assembly Metal
“Even though I’ve been with the company for more than 20 years, I’m still enthusiastic about technology, the pioneering spirit and sticking together. As an employer, EOS makes sure to provide favorable framework conditions – from a beautiful working environment to good price-performance ratio in the canteen. In my team, I find it important for us to work together positively in a manner that allows everyone to contribute their knowledge and insight. That’s the only way to achieve something special together and take advantage of new and undiscovered potential. Our mechatronics engineers perform interdisciplinary work, ranging from electronics to pneumatics to mechatronics.”
Knowing customers and setting-up Additive Manufacturing, made to measure.
Having a direct line to customers and acquiring deep knowledge of market trends and needs – that’s what drives our colleagues from the sales, consulting and business development departments. Another goal is to bring this know-how into the company to ensure that systems and solutions by EOS are perfectly matched with customer requirements. It’s a world of its own that demands technical knowledge as well as the ability to think outside the box and suggest new ideas.
Elizabeth | Life Cycle Solutions – Sales Support Specialist | EOS of North America | © EOS GmbH
Elisabeth | Life Cycle Solutions Sales Support Specialist
"One of my favorite things about my job is interacting with customers. Our relationship with customers doesn’t end when we sell them a machine, it’s only the beginning. We want to support our customers with what they are doing whether that’s answering questions, helping them decide which material to use, or seeing what service they need on their machines. Having close-knit relationships with customers is what makes EOS special in the 3D printing industry."
Vinu | Business Development Manager
“My greatest passions are aviation and additive manufacturing. So EOS was my first choice when searching for a job. The company is the innovation leader for industrial 3D printing – I’d guess that it accounts for maybe two-thirds of the world’s entire know-how in this area. As a business development manager, I work closely with customers and colleagues to make additive manufacturing as useful as possible for aviation. In this environment, our technology needs to be 100% reliable – that’s what makes it so appealing to me.”
Rachel | Customer Relations Manager
“I have seen strong growth at EOS in the last 6 years, and my career has grown with it. There are always new challenges, as well as opportunities and a sense of achievement. One of my challenges was to manage all five distributors in Korea remotely, without AM or sales experience. But, in the end, I did it, thanks to support and guidance from my colleagues and superiors. Establishing the EOS technical center in Japan was just as instructive. My role was to handle cost calculations, location search and discussions about machine arrangements etc. Currently, I am supporting my sales colleagues in implementing a new program. I am looking forward to the next challenge!”
Matt | Regional Sales Director
"There is never a dull moment at EOS because I am always learning something new. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is we do what we say and we say what we do at EOS. This means that when I commit to a project I will do it and not disappoint my co-workers, or when selling technology or materials to customers, I don’t give false promises. Customer satisfaction is paramount. I value my relationships with my co-workers and customers that I put them first before myself, and I can honestly say so does everyone else at EOS. We have a common goal of helping others before ourselves and it is shown in the success of this company."
Michaela | Sales Manager
“After almost ten years at the same corporation, I was looking for a company with exciting and innovative technology where I could still make a difference myself. EOS is perfect. As a key account manager, I work alongside creative and interesting people both on the customer side and internally. The requirements are never the same, always leading us down new paths and sometimes forcing us to improvise. It’s a very exciting and diverse job – often challenging and full of hurdles – but with a good team spirit and a shared goal, you can achieve great things.”
Joe | Additive Manufacturing Consultant
“Being a consultant at EOS means working with the best consultants in the field of additive manufacturing and supporting the industry in introducing this innovative technology. The endless possibilities of the technology inspire me every day: customer requirements vary by industry and each application is unique. To find and implement the right solution for customers and enable them to progress – this is the benefit I as a consultant can bring, this is the exciting part of my job. For example, together with the customer we were able to qualify the process and certify the first metal flying part in aerospace industry in India when there was no formal standard available.”
Ohi san | Sales Admin
“My work at EOS started in December 2017 and is never boring. Every day, something new happens, and I am constantly learning. I have the oppurtunity to deal with various topics, from financing, import, export, marketing and sales to service. It’s fun to do all these various tasks. Furthermore, my colleagues in Japan, the other APAC regions and Germany are friendly and very cooperative. It really is a great experience to receive support from overseas and to feel connected to the world. I would never have the chance to experience that with a Japanese company. I can always work with fun and enthusiasm at EOS.”
Marius | Team Manager Digital AM Solutions
“Imagine that your customer wants to make a single integrated part from 248 different components. It sounds unthinkable at first – but that’s where I come into play as a consultant. Together with my colleagues in the development and applications departments, we find ways to implement the requirements with additive manufacturing. That’s what’s exciting about my job! We support our customers and partners with technology, know-how and consulting. Every contact with a customer reminds me that I provide added value and my job makes a difference.”
Rosy | Inside Sales Specialist
“I am new to EOS and it already feels like home. We all listen to one another and respect each other, no matter our differences. Everyone puts one another before themselves, which is something I hadn’t experience at other companies. EOS’ culture is truly unique in how open it is to everyone within and outside of the company.”
Chris | Area Sales Manager
"Why I am working at EOS? Because it's truly fun to face challenges and drive to the moon together with my colleagues and customers. It is a big pleasure to dedicate myself to evolution of additive manufacturing (AM) with my customers and I'm happy to see a noticeable progress. Korea is well known as strong manufacturing country with powerful metal machining skills and electronics technologies in various industries. My goal is to break through the various industries and to become AM as one of the main manufacturing methods in Korea. It will make the entire manufacturing even much stronger by creating synergy results and help customers to overcome specific pain points. I’m sincerely proud of working at EOS and very looking forward to the new manufacturing era."
Finding solutions locally, around the globe.
EOS systems help customers from around the globe to implement their innovations and manufacture high-quality products. The technical service performs commissioning and maintenance to ensure that systems are 100 % ready for use. Our colleagues are experts in EOS technology and enjoy cracking tricky problems when customers experience a snag. They’re supported by headquarters, which oversees collaboration across the relevant interfaces and provides any necessary information. Deep technical knowledge is just as important to everyday service as proactive and open communication with all project participants.
Christoph | Field Service Engineer
“Service technicians provide tech support to our customers, either directly from our headquarters or on site with maintenance and bugfixes. Every day is different, and our tasks are very diverse – whether we’re working on new software, new generations of systems or the recently introduced remote services. EOS is special because of the exciting technology of industrial 3D printing, the fact that we can actively get involved and the way you are valued by your managers and colleagues. As a service technician, you’re a one-man show, but you also have a great team behind you.”
Mark | Technical Support Engineer
“If you want to be challenged in a job than EOS is for you! Here, anyone can be successful if you work hard and contribute. You will be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and genuinely care about you. EOS prides itself on a healthy work-life balance. Working here can be challenging but it also can be a lot of fun. It is a job that you look forward to every morning!”
Michael | Second Level Support Specialist
“My colleagues and I come into play when our service technicians need support or the customer is having prototypes installed. It’s exciting to be involved in development projects and contribute our perspective from the field to future EOS products. But it’s my colleagues who motivate me from day to day. We have very different backgrounds – some people have 20 years of experience in 3D printing, others have had completely different careers. We all pull our weight when we need to and contribute what we know. We also spend some leisure time together to strengthen our team spirit.”
Peter | Senior Field Service Engineer
“EOS is happy to provide opportunities for on-going training to employees (for instance training on different models of equipment, training in technical software and training in soft skills etc.); EOS also provides a very flexible working environment, encouraging personal achievement among employees, while establishing a respectful and fair working culture.”
Sebastian | Second Level Support Spezialist
“The area of service varies tremendously, as we are involved in everything from the installation and maintenance of the systems all the way to troubleshooting. If our customers don't know what their next move should be, I find the fastest possible solutions. This requires some brain power. I am always thrilled whenever I am able to figure things out with the customer. Being with the customer on location is a highlight for me. For one, I get to see what the customers produce with our systems. Also, I get to travel a bit – whether it's to different countries or other companies, from inventors all the way to automotive groups."
Everything at the right place and the right time, keeping track of it all.
Throughout the entire value chain, the EOS logistics and purchasing teams ensure that processes unfold smoothly and high customer satisfaction is achieved. The logistics department coordinates all internal and external processes, from ordering to receipt of goods by the customer, as well as any processes between suppliers, customers and the production department. Our colleagues in the purchasing department are experts and bridge-builders who are responsible for maintaining positive business relationships between EOS and our suppliers. Both teams share the same objective of keeping an agile world under control to guarantee uninterrupted supply and profitable operations.
Angela | Specialist Order Processing
“Naturally – in customer order processing, we need to represent EOS positively and offer excellent service to customers before and after delivery. To achieve this, we maintain high quality standards and work very precisely. But that doesn’t mean that our teams miss out on all the fun. We have strong team cohesion and help each other out. Exchanging with my international colleagues is an enriching experience for me every single day. If you’re thinking about joining us, you should be customer-oriented and open-minded, and you should definitely have a sense of humor.”
Carsten, Order Planning Specialist EOS GmbH | © EOS
Carsten | Specialist Order Planning
“Getting to see what you’re working toward is not necessarily a given in my job. I’m much more involved in the technology here than I typically would be elsewhere. We’re part of the development of new products from the very beginning and can contribute our own insight. This allows us to work much more efficiently when preparing for production and eliminate many potential sources of error at an early stage. This approach is typical for EOS. You get involved together and look for the best solution – no matter which department you come from.”
Pamela | Team-Lead Order Processing Aftermarket
“Why should you work at EOS? Because you can make an impact and advance within the company. When I started at EOS three years ago, I was a secretary but I was given opportunities and was promoted to Order Processing as an Aftermarket Specialist. EOS allowed me to advance within the company and they also gave me an opportunity to return to school to further my education by assisting with tuition, providing days off for testing, and my favorite thing, help from my co-workers with my homework on our lunch breaks. I always feel like I am part of a family that is helping me grow as an employee.“
Stilianos | Warehouse Logistics Professional
“EOS doesn’t have traditional warehouses with monotonous work. From large EOS systems to office supplies, we manage all incoming and outgoing goods, packaging and internal transport and constantly monitor our inventory. We’re also a great team – relaxed, open and always ready for fun. Everybody’s opinion counts, and we all have the chance to get involved. For example, we had the freedom to reorganize the warehouse according to our own ideas to make our processes easier and more efficient.”
Sherry | Logistic Specialist
„There were really two reasons for my joining EOS: First I got a phone call to attend an EOS interview, the lady at HR inspired me to be confident and encouraged me to be brave. Already then I felt that EOS was a very person friendly company. HR’s approach was a good representation of the excellent culture that exists at the company, and this is something that really attracted me. Second the fact that this is an emerging industry meant that there were greater opportunities for development for me.“
Dina Supply Chain Manager
„In the Supply Chain Department, I take care of many different tasks and projects that challenge me, and bring a lot of variety and responsibility to my job at the same time. It motivates me that, as the key user for our ERP system, I can contribute to the optimization of our company processes. This allows me to build up a lot of functional knowledge and know how about our systems as well. I am happy that I have found an employer that puts emphasis on the well-being of employees, a good work climate and flexibility.“
Keeping the business running.
Every company has teams working behind the scenes to ensure that the core business continues to run smoothly. For us, this includes the finance department, which is responsible for budget oversight, human resources, which is the first point of contact for any staffing questions, and various classical administrative offices, ranging from facility management to IT, which is responsible for ensuring intelligent networking between EOS systems and the office landscape.
Gerald | IT Infrastructure Engineer
“Why am I so happy at EOS? The interactions with others, the team spirit and the leadership style. We support one another whenever somebody has too much on their plate. EOS and our managers also offer us the space and time we need to balance our everyday lives: we can always clear our heads and minds with table football, regular meet-ups after work and short walks. I deeply appreciate the working and scheduling flexibility – for example, if I need to leave work earlier to fetch my children, or if I want to work on documentation in peace and quiet from home.”
Romana | Team Manager Finance Excellence
“If you want to help build and design processes, you’re in the right place. It motivates me every day to be part of global growth in an international team and get involved in a wide range of topics. For example, when we founded our branch in Shanghai, I was responsible for commercial project management and overall coordination. It’s a great feeling to create a new EOS team in a country that is culturally and legally so different, getting business off the ground and making sure the auditors sign off on all of the local details.”
Dietmar | Head of Facility Management
“Managing buildings, supporting technical systems and accompanying a property throughout its lifecycle from start to finish – that’s what I love doing. For that, you need an agile company that offers freedom, not a corporation that drags you down. EOS is the perfect place for me and my team because we‘re not caught up in fixed processes. We tackle our work, develop ideas and implement them. This ensures that everything keeps running smoothly behind the scenes – whether ensuring that in-house technology stays functional or managing the company catering, creating attractive workplaces or planning new locations.”

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