• Exterior view of the EOS company buildings in Maisach

EOS Additive Manufacturing Production Site in Maisach 9,000 m². 90 Employees. More Than 1,000 Systems Worldwide.

In 2017, EOS expanded its production capacity with a new production site in Maisach (Bavaria). It’s the only way to meet the increasing global demand for industrial 3D printing systems.

All teams work hand in hand, united under one roof to make customer projects happen on time: quality assurance, laboratory, workshop, warehouse, production and technical training. Our digital manufacturing team is also working on automating the processes involved in industrial 3D printing even further.

Adding a new production site to an already well-established company combines entrepreneurship and experience. Everyone knows everyone, everyone gets involved. All EOS systems are created here in Maisach – that’s something we’re proud of. Become a part of it too.

Markus | Head of Masaich Location | EOS

Get to Know Your Colleagues and Take a Look Behind the Scenes

“Even though I’ve been with the company for more than 20 years, I’m still enthusiastic about technology, the pioneering spirit and sticking together. As an employer, EOS makes sure to provide favorable framework conditions – from a beautiful working environment to good price-performance ratio in the canteen. In my team, I find it important for us to work together positively in a manner that allows everyone to contribute their knowledge and insight. That’s the only way to achieve something special together and take advantage of new and undiscovered potential. Our mechatronics engineers perform interdisciplinary work, ranging from electronics to pneumatics to mechatronics.”

Oskar | Group Manager Assembly M

“Before joining EOS, I worked at a large corporation and wanted to study. I applied here because industrial 3D printing is an extremely exciting technology of the future. During my interview, they already dedicated lots of time to showing me around the entire production facilities. That’s something you’ll only see in a family business. Performance is valued, people are treated fairly, and your colleagues are just as approachable as your managers. I feel at home with EOS.”

Dani | Commissioning Technician 

“Getting to see what you’re working toward is not necessarily a given in my job. I’m much more involved in the technology here than I typically would be elsewhere. We’re part of the development of new products from the very beginning and can contribute our own insight. This allows us to work much more efficiently when preparing for production and eliminate many potential sources of error at an early stage. This approach is typical for EOS. You get involved together and look for the best solution – no matter which department you come from.”

Carsten | Order Planning Specialist

Our Offer to You


Creative freedom and personal responsibility


Value-driven culture and a shared mission


Further development opportunities for individuals, as well as opportunities specially designed for EOS from our EOS Campus Online


Family-friendly environment and support for families, e.g. childcare allowance, marriage and parenthood bonus


Employee events, celebrations and a collaborative working climate


Our own mobility concept, e.g. public transport allowance, carsharing bonus, bicycle leasing


Subsidized company canteen, free drinks and fruit


Positive work-life balance with flexible working hours and health care offers

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