Do your studies focus on technology, science or economics, and you know enough not to fill the 3D printer with paper? Are you interested in completing an internship in parallel to your university studies, or choosing a thesis topic with practical relevance? Then welcome to EOS, the world’s leading technology provider in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics.


We are a hidden champion with lots to offer. Because our technology creates added value for all of us. From new opportunities in sectors ranging from medical technology to aviation – the prospects are essentially limitless. Become part of our world by inquiring about our offers for students.

What We Offer You  Our Benefits for Students


At EOS, you already take over responsibilities as a student. Bring in your ideas and work together with our experts to shape the future of industrial 3D printing.


At EOS, you can expect attractive remuneration from 15-17 €/h as working student and 900-1.000 €/month for your internship.


Enthusiasm for our technology, the flair of an international family business, a diverse culture and short decision-making paths – these are just a few of the things that will mark your everyday life with us.


We offer you home office options and flexibility in your daily work so that your studies don't miss out. Alternatively, a travel allowance during your internship.


Our company restaurant offers diverse, healthy and delicious dishes with an enjoyable atmosphere.

Our headquarters are located at the Krailling Innovation Mile (KIM) in Krailling near Munich. You can easily reach us from Munich city center by taking the S6 to Planegg. From there, Bus 906 will drop you off right at our front door. 
Think, Feel and Experience EOS in 3D and Shape Your Professional Future in Additive Manufacturing with Us.

Working Students

“The working atmosphere at EOS is awesome. Everyone is on friendly terms with everyone else and you’re quickly integrated into the team. And exchanges between students are encouraged. I was exposed to many different points of view about industrial 3D printing. My job was to check our metal and polymer materials with several different measuring methods. These methods were taught to me by EOS and were the perfect addition to the theoretical knowledge from university. I’m also learning lots about properties and the requirements expected by customers in today’s world. Other positive aspects about EOS include fair pay, flexible working hours and a variety of opportunities for working while studying.”

Maria | Working Student

Prerequisites for Working Students at EOS

  • Enrollment in a technical, scientific or economic course
  • Enthusiasm for 3D printing and fun bringing cool technology to the next level
  • Initiative for developing creative solutions and ideas 
  • Very good German and English language skills 

Facts About Working as a Student

  • At least six months of employment (longer is welcome)
  • Max. 20 hours per week during lecture periods
  • Fair compensation for your contributions
  • Already take on responsibility during your studies
  • Small projects will be entrusted to you and supervised by buddies from technical departments


“Why might a student want to work at EOS? That’s easy: fascinating technology, impressive 3D-printed components, a good atmosphere, great support for students, diverse opportunities and tasks with plenty of responsibility. I’m currently working in data control, which is a great fit for my studies. I can put what I learn at university into practice, and vice versa. It also motivates me to know that my work will help my colleagues in the long term. For example, I helped to modernize maintenance work and create checklists in quality management. As a student, you’re integrated quickly and always feel like part of the team. I would definitely recommend any student to apply to EOS.”

Johannes | Intern and Working Student

Prerequisites for an Internship at EOS

  • Enrollment in a technical, scientific or economic course, or alternatively between two courses
  • Enthusiasm for 3D printing and fun bringing cool technology to the next level
  • You should be prepared to already begin taking on responsibilities during your study and to contribute your own ideas

Facts About Internships

  • At least three months duration (longer is welcome) 
  • Full-time, 40 hours per week
  • Fair compensation for your contributions


"Additive manufacturing and the increasing degree of automation in the industry have fascinated me from the very beginning. A student position at EOS seemed completely logical. I wanted to experience industrial development processes, learn from experienced colleagues and help shape the further development of the technology. After working in parallel to my studies, I applied for a practical thesis directly in development. Together with my supervisor, I became an expert and driver of the topic - you have to be ready for all the responsibility. In addition to the positive working atmosphere and great colleagues, it cemented my passion and convinced me to join EOS permanently.”

Tom, thesis in the field of “Predictive maintenance”

Prerequisites for a Thesis

  • Enrollment in a technical, scientific or economic course
  • Prior internship at EOS to become familiar with our technology
  • Enthusiasm for cool technology and fun working on your final thesis together with us

Facts About Thesis

  • The thesis is full-time and the duration depends on examination regulations
  • The topic is coordinated between you, the university and EOS
  • Reimbursement for completing your thesis

PhD Program

“After university, I was looking for a way to expand my know-how in laser sintering. It wasn’t long before I found EOS, given that they stand at the intersection of 30 years of experience, market leadership and global networking. Now, as part of my PhD thesis, I’m working on ways to test the suitability of polymer powder for 3D printing in the laboratory. This will save iterations, time and costs. I can focus on basic research because I’m not tied down by everyday project work. But I can ask my team questions whenever I need to and my supervisor takes excellent care of me.”

Jens | PhD Student


Prerequisites for a Successful Application 

  • Student with an advanced degree (master’s)
  • Interest in an industrially focused doctorate and the subject area of additive manufacturing
  • Experience with independent scientific work
  • Practical experience from internships or student work
  • Experience abroad from studies and/or internships is desirable
  • Very good written and spoken German and English language skills

Facts About the PhD Program

As a PHD@EOS, you’ll be directly employed by EOS and you’ll sign a 3-year employment contract. You’ll work on a research project relevant to EOS four days a week and you’ll be directly integrated into a team from R&D. The topic of your PhD thesis and your research question will of course be mutually coordinated.

If you already have a supervising professor in mind – great! If not, we can suggest suitable contacts through our research partnerships.


Promoting Young Talent – EOS Supports Universities

Supporting young talent is important to us. We are constantly expanding our network of national and international universities and institutes.

For example, we helped the Munich University of Applied Sciences to set up a new rapid prototyping and manufacturing laboratory. The RPM-LAB is primarily intended for teaching and can be used for research and development projects.

We’re also gladly available for courses or one-time university events to allow students to get to know EOS and our technology.

Any Unanswered Questions?

Contact us or read through our FAQs for applicants you might find that your question has already been answered.


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