COVID-19 A Tipping Point for Additive Manufacturing

Speaker:  Laura Gilmour, EOS NA

In the wake of COVID-19, the manufacturing industry has been turned upside down. In a world of fixed supply chains and complex logistics, the mega factories we rely on are receiving a beat down. Manufacturing is not a cure for COVID-19, but with the shortages of basic medical products like PPEs and respirators, it’s clear that manufacturing is an important cog in the machine needed to battle the virus. While we deal with our current crisis, it’s time to get real about where industrial 3D printing (additive manufacturing, AM) fits into the manufacturing ecosystem. Time to rethink … now. The next crisis is going to happen. We don’t have a crystal ball to know what industries will be disrupted, but it is not hyperbole to say that industrial 3D printing can reduce risk. The question now is will manufacturers be more open to the flexibility AM offers with mass customization, production and spare parts on-demand, localized sourcing, simplified logistics, and sustainability.

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