When does additive manufacturing make a difference?

Welcome to a webinar where experts from Innovation Norway, Cytiva, and Additive Minds will give you additive manufacturing (AM) insights on:


  • Ways of implementing AM (part selection process, business case development, etc.)

  • Ramping up AM production to series production.

  • Journey from traditional to additive manufacturing explained.

  • Challenges and best-practice solutions


Martin Nietz, Innovation Norway | Deputy Director

Martin is the regional head of Business Development with a passion for how applied innovation and technology can make companies better in entering new markets. He has a vast international background in energy and strategic consulting, with ten years working for Innovation Norway and a Masters in International Management. Martin has, together with EOS, implemented a successful acceleration program, bringing Norwegian companies from idea to printed part.

Bo Medhage (PhD), Cytiva | Additive Engineering Director

With a physical chemist background, Bo has a strong passion for additive manufacturing and loves talking additive with customers, engineers, business leaders, and students. Bo has had different roles at Cytiva for the past 25 years and is today leading a team of skilled designers, process engineers, and technicians fully dedicated to additive, supporting the entire global organization with their expertise.

Nameer Syed, EOS | Additive Manufacturing Consultant

Nameer's passions lay in additive manufacturing, strategy, value chain, and data analysis, academically underpinned by a Bachelor's in Mechanical engineering and a Master's in management focused on Business analytics. Before joining Additive Minds, Nameer comes from 3 years in supply chain data analysis and project management.

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About Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of enterprises and industry, supporting companies in developing their competitive advantage, enhancing innovation, and creating value by stimulating profitable business development throughout Norway. Innovation Norway Germany has offices in Hamburg and Munich. 

About Cytiva

Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that advance and accelerate therapeutics' development, manufacture, and delivery.
Our customers undertake life-saving activities ranging from biological research to developing innovative vaccines, biological drugs, and novel cell and gene therapies. Our job is to supply the tools and services they need to work better, faster, and safer, leading to better patient outcomes.

About Additive Minds

Additive Minds is the technical consulting department of EOS, combining 3D printing know-how from a wide variety of fields and industries. The organization and the consultants come from practical backgrounds, offering full-service consulting on optimizing, validating and scaling for additive manufacturing – a comprehensive package for higher production performance.

Interested in making a difference with additive? Join our webinar and learn more.