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Welcome to our customer center! Our goal is to offer you comprehensive support for establishing and expanding your 3D printing production systems. Below, you’ll find all the information and solutions you require tailored to your wishes and needs. You’ll find everything here from our digital customer center myEOS to our broad selection of services and to our Additive Minds team, who are happy to advise you. 

myEOS Your Personal Access to the EOS Service World 

Register for our digital service network myEOS: Want to be able to view the status of your service requests at any time? myEOS is your first port of call for EOS services. Here, you’ll find everything in one place, precisely tailored to your machine park. With myEOS, you can track and manage the processing of your service tickets quickly and easily.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Easy problem reporting, round-the-clock tracking with digital timestamps
  • Our experts will respond to your requests for callbacks
  • You’re always kept in the loop with ticket status, communications and expert feedback – all in one place
  • A broad selection of tutorials for anything else you might need 
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EOS Services
Services for All Aspects of Industrial 3D Printing

EOS Software Suite Perfectly Tailored Software for Every Process Step of 3D Printing

Our software suite consists of EOSYSTEM, which is your system’s operating software, and three other solutions for industrial 3D printing. These solutions can decisively improve your profitability and efficiency. And therefore help to drive your added value.

What are the benefits for you? 

  • Smooth integration with the most commonly used CAD/CAM and simulation software with an intuitive, open and productive design.
  • Location-independent real-time monitoring by tracking melting points and powder beds, as well as optical tomography to inspect parts.
  • Seamless integration into larger production environments and IT infrastructure.
  • Easy to learn and use, award-winning usability!

Our Materials for Additive Manufacturing Find the Right Material for Your Application

Additive Minds Reach the Top With EOS Consulting

Additive Minds empowers your company to exploit the full potential of industrial 3D printing. We can give you the complete know-how, not just to catch up with the competition, but to acquire an industry-leading position.

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