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    Growing With Polymer 3D Printing

EOS: The Trailblazers of Polymer 3D Printing

The 30-year span of EOS' experience in polymer additive manufacturing (AM) represents the perfect combination of groundbreaking industrial-scale 3D printing systems, cutting-edge selective laser sintering (SLS) technology and software and a robust polymer powder portfolio. This has laid the foundation for producing 3D polymer parts that meet numerous industries' need for superior surface quality, stability, and dimensional accuracy.

Driving the future of polymer 3D printing will always matter more than resting on the laurels of our past. The unique balance of established success and our experts' restless urge to innovate is what allows EOS to offer effectively integrated AM solutions.

EOS polymer 3D printers, materials, and services support flexible, cost-efficient production of reliable polymer parts at any scope — from rapid prototyping to industrial-scale manufacturing of end-use products.

Key Benefits of Polymer 3D Printing with EOS

If there is one benefit of our organization's experience that we prize above all others, it's that we intimately understand the challenges our polymer customers face and tailor our solutions to meet those pain points. 


Our polymer 3D printers and powders form the basis of industrial-quality, durable and stable parts, at a high level of dimensional accuracy and reproducibility — no matter the complexity of your design parameters.


EOS additive manufacturing solutions can integrate seamlessly into existing polymer production infrastructure or be the centerpiece of a new system.


In addition to our polymer printers and powders, EOS design software offerings enable comprehensive control of the AM process to create parts that meet your exact specifications.


As your organization grows, your EOS polymer system can scale and grow alongside your business.


The award-winning Additive Minds Consulting team is always available to help you develop sustainable strategies that empower long-term success in polymer 3D printing.


The parts our printers produce are pure polymer, meeting rigorious standards of highly regulated industries such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing.


EOS believes firmly in the principles of responsible manufacturing, and our polymer additive manufacturing systems are designed to mitigate carbon emissions as much as possible.

Telling you what EOS can do with polymer 3D printing isn't enough. Let us show you our technology in action!

Customer Testimonial Don't just take our word for it, hear it from our valued customers:


“We are using EOS technology more and more for projects that call for limited annual quantities of a complex part. In such cases, the process is a real alternative for us to existing, tool-based methods.”

Klaus Müller-Lohmeier, Head of Advanced Prototyping Technology, Festo AG & Co. KG


“Unlike traditional manufacturing, complexity is free with additive manufacturing. You can reduce part weight, maintain strength, and deliver nice looking products with greater functionality, in less time and at lower cost than ever before. It's a real manufacturing shift.”

Tharwat Fouad, President, Anubis


“We intensively compared the technologies of different suppliers from all over the world. The EOS system is superior to other manufacturers in terms of component quality and surface finish. The accuracy is excellent for every build cycle and the white material allows any form of finish, including coloring."

Gong Xinyi, Product Designer, BRAGi

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To illustrate the potential and possibilities of polymer-based additive manufacturing, EOS expert Nicolas Dill provides a strategic framework for identifying ideal 3D printing applications within your organization in this webinar.

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