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In these free webinars our experts explain the most common and urgent questions when it comes to additive manufacturing. 

Our on-demand webinars offer industrial 3D printing knowledge, free and straightforward. EOS experts explain together with partners and customers different topics on additive manufacturing.
Find answers to your 3D printing questions in our library of webinars. The library is divided into different categories so that you can immediately find the content relevant to you.

How Does Additive Manufacturing Work?


Digital Transformation


Industry Specific Knowledge


AM Deep Dive


Distributed Production

These webinars will demonstrate how you can integrate additive manufacturing into your business and how the process works.
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Manufacturing companies are discovering that existing structures and processes have reached their limits. Learn how 3D printing provides an integrated, flexible, intelligent, and digitally optimized solution to these challenges in our webinars
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Aerospace, Automotive, Medical. Different industries have specific requirements and challenges when it comes to the benefits and integration of 3D printing solutions. Find the answers to your specific questions.
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Hone your skills! We provide valuable information for advanced additive manufacturing users. Learn how to get the most out of your systems, improve performance and optimize the quality of your 3D printing production.
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Combining industrial 3D printing with digital manufacturing structures allows machines and software systems to be networked to control production at globally distributed locations. However, the extent to which distributed production is to be used must be individually defined based on the company's situation and strategy.
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How Does Additive Manufacturing Work?

From Challenge to Challenger How Can Your Organization Approach AM?

How can your organization approach additive manufacturing (AM) in the best way possible? The simplest answer is to embrace additive manufacturing as a massive opportunity for growth instead of a challenge that needs to be addressed. After all, the goal of any industrial 3D Printing initiative shouldn’t be to “catch up” to competitors that may already be using additive manufacturing. The goal is to become an innovator in your space - the leader that your competitors are scrambling after.

From Zero to Hero Additive Manufacturing with Plastic Materials

Industrial 3D printing offers maximum construction freedom. It works around the limitations of conventional production processes and supports design-driven manufacturing. Additive manufacturing enables the construction and production of highly stable lightweight structures that cannot be manufactured using conventional production processes. This webinar provides an overview about different technologies, shows their strengths and weaknesses and analyses the fit for serial applications

From Zero to Hero  Learn How to Start Production with Metal Industrial 3D Printing

Practically unlimited opportunities: Metal additive manufacturing (AM) technologies offer maximum freedom of design and production meaning a paradigm change to design-driven manufacturing possible anywhere in the world. In recent years industrial 3D printing has shifted from prototyping to production enabling not only innovative part designs but also innovative business models. Both can change an entire industry. This webinar provides an overview of the different metal additive manufacturing technologies, their strengths and weaknesses plus insights on their suitability for production.

Enter the World of Industrial 3D Printing

Become inspired by our interactive panel discussion:
Giving you all the insights from how to start your AM journey over to scaling up production. Learn about exciting partner business cases on customized glasses and honeycomb bicycle helmets.

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Find Your Diamonds An Introduction to Part Screening and Selection

Additive manufacturing (AM) offers almost endless possibilities for companies across all industries to gain a competitive advantage. While selected pioneers have already managed to demonstrate the disruptive potential of additive manufacturing, the majority of companies are still struggling to push 3D printing from rapid prototyping to industrial production. These companies lack a pragmatic way of identifying the most promising use cases and applications in order not to get lost in the jungle of endless possibilities of industrial3D printing. This webinar introduces a methodology to quickly identify suitable applications for additive manufacturing, both from a technical and economic perspective.

Become a Finisher in Plastic 3D Printing!  Achieve Customer-Ready Parts
Using Post Processing

You have a demanding application that requires more than a white and slightly rough surface? In this webinar you will learn numerous automated techniques to improve part properties after 3D printing. DyeMansion, a global leader in additive manufacturing finishing systems, provides insight into its coloring solution and their smoothening process. In addition Henkel, manufacturer of the industrial adhesive LOCTITE, will provide practical knowledge about how to bond high-performance materials to reduce cost and efficiently manufacture large components. It is time to finish the process!

Bend the Rules  Between Rubbers and Plastics

Your application requires components that are durable and highly flexible? They should be strong, but yet shock absorbing? Often the truth lies in between and in this case thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material is the answer. Join the webinar to learn how to adjusted part properties such as flexibility and damping levels with structural design or by adapting process parameters. Get to know the rubber-like material and discover its usage ranging from industry parts like tubes and sleeves to everyday products such as handles, shoe soles and cushioning elements.

Metal AM Materials & Processes Your Biggest Questions Answered

Learn about metal additive manufacturing (AM) materials and processes in this webinar hosted by EOS North America’s Alexander Janzen. Metal additive manufacturing may seem like the “new kid on the block” compared to other materials processing techniques. However, it has come a long way in a short time due to breakthroughs in materials science and an explosion of R&D to understand the structure, process, properties, and performance relationships.

From R&D to Production Introducing the INTEGRA P 450

With the combination of powerful, easier-to-use software and direct feedback from the manufacturing community using additive manufacturing as a production tool, EOS North America developed the INTEGRA® P 450®, a mid-size SLS industrial 3D printer. Built to meet the demand for additive manufacturing of polymers, it empowers designers, production engineers and material makers alike.

Discover how the INTEGRA P 450 is truly the most flexible and accommodating SLS industrial 3D printer on the market, with an impressive array of new user-friendly features that offer unprecedented productivity, material compatibility, and simple serviceability.

Digital Transformation

The Digital Value Chain

Today, additive manufacturing (AM) has removed manufacturability constraints, changing the way manufacturers think about product lifecycle and ultimately bringing these better, more effective parts to market.

Dawn of Digital Flexible Production Learn to Lead the Technology Transition in Additive Manufacturing

We are at the dawn of a new era in flexible production where conventional manufacturing struggles to offer solutions. However, this technology transition can be realized with additive manufacturing (AM) and its ability to enable intelligent components and digitalized production. In this webinar you will learn how additive manufacturing will help you create market winning applications produced in efficient and effective smart factories. To exploit the dawn of digital additive manufacturing to its full extent our partner Siemens presents its Software Ecosystem including the 3D printing Network for global distributed manufacturing. Join the webinar and lead the change or the change will lead you.

Industry Specific Knowledge

Aerospace BIG 3D Metal Printing

Never before in the history of manufacturing has the development of commercial space hardware been so accessible. The challenges of fast development and innovation have lessened because of industrial metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing, or AM). Whether propulsion, structural, or integrated componentry, additive manufacturing is accelerating the latest space race. Now, industrial 3D printing is moving quickly to meet even greater requirements—such as fully 3D printed combustion chambers with high-performance features, lighter weight structural components, or even fully 3D printed satellites. The latest advancement? Fully printed 3D components up to one (1) meter tall.

Aerospace & Aviation 3D Printing Liquid Rocket Engines

It's a new era of opportunity in rocket propulsion, as engineers enjoy unprecedented design freedom and manufacturing flexibility as they go from concept to functional parts. These competitive advantages are enabling organizations, from large OEMs to start-ups, to send rockets to space that were once considered impossible. Join this webinar to discover how.

Highlights include:

• Briefing on liquid rocket engines and the impact of 3D printing
• Roadmap to Launcher's success, including key technical data on their progress
• Insight into how you can leverage 3D printing for liquid rocket engine production
• Expert opinions on the future of rocket propulsion and satellite market growth

Additive Manufacturing for Aircraft Interior

This webinar discusses the future use of polymer additive manufacturing parts in the Aircraft Cabin, it’s potential for cost saving, design improvement and shorter lead times, as well as the hurdles that are yet to be overcome, regarding certification, availability of suitable raw materials, investments and legal aspects. A wide spreading of additive manufacturing also has the potential to significantly change the supply chain setup of the Aero industry, impacting small and large suppliers, as distributed manufacturing moves closer to becoming a reality. Furthermore, new business models for spare parts and part design data may emerge, along with new services, which brings a need to tackle challenges around IP and regulation. A high profile panel will exchange their views on these topics in a lively discussion and will give their unique insights relevant for the industry.

Medical Create the Future – AM Technology for Sustainable Medical Supply Chains

Are you experiencing a shortage of medical goods due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on your global supply chain? Are you using additive manufacturing (AM) to bridge the gap? Going forward, are you considering additive manufacturing technologies for your production? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this webinar is right for you! Thomas Gradl will give insights into

  • How industrial 3D printing enables local solutions, products and production capacities in healthcare in order to meet the peak in demand for products.
  • The key learnings from the crisis and how they can impact future supply chains and business models.
  • How established 3D printing already is in medical for inspiration on how additive manufacturing technology can be used in your production going forward.

Medical COVID-19. A Tipping Point for Additive Manufacturing

In the wake of COVID-19, the manufacturing industry has been turned upside down. In a world of fixed supply chains and complex logistics, the mega factories we rely on are receiving a beat down. Manufacturing is not a cure for COVID-19, but with the shortages of basic medical products like PPEs and respirators, it’s clear that manufacturing is an important cog in the machine needed to battle the virus. While we deal with our current crisis, it’s time to get real about where industrial 3D printing (additive manufacturing, AM) fits into the manufacturing ecosystem. Time to rethink … now. The next crisis is going to happen. We don’t have a crystal ball to know what industries will be disrupted, but it is not hyperbole to say that industrial 3D printing can reduce risk. The question now is will manufacturers be more open to the flexibility additive manufacturing offers with mass customization, production and spare parts on-demand, localized sourcing, simplified logistics, and sustainability. 

Medical Boost Part Performance with Metal 3D Printing

Wondering how Additive Manufacturing can boost a part’s performance and how 3D printing can be successfully implemented for mass production?
Experts from EOS and Dunlee will give insights on

  • How DMLS® technology enables series production of applications in medical, aerospace, turbomachinery and many other industries – thousands of parts since many years!
  • Dunlee’s successful journey from traditional to additive manufacturing of the highly demanding pure tungsten anti-scatter grids for CT equipment in mass production.
  • How challenges along the way can be resolved easily through a strong solution-oriented partnership.

Automotive Driving Change in the Automotive Industry. Learn How to Leverage the Disruptive Power of AM.

It’s an exciting time in the automotive industry. A shifting customer mindset, E-Mobility and encompassing technologies such as robotics, machine learning and autonomous vehicles will change the way we think about transportation. More than ever, the challenge is up for the car and trucking industries to adapt quickly and stay on top of the evolving trends. This webinar tells you how additive manufacturing can help you to manage changing customer preferences and new and unprecedented intensity of competition that is disrupting traditional business. Register now and learn how to position yourself as a provider of mobility instead of manufacturer and run faster to stay in place.

Spare Parts Print Your Warehouse

Additive Manufacturing in the Aftermarket - From Physical Parts to Digital Products and Services

The digitalization of production can not be stopped. In the near future 10% of all spare parts will be printed and supply chains change. So get ready for the challenges of tomorrow´s aftermarket!

Additive Manufacturing Deep Dive

No Risk and Lots of Fun AM Production Qualification

Do you want to implement additive manufacturing (AM) as a production technology? Have you been wondering how to tackle the qualification of your industrial 3D printing production line? This webinar will give you insights into the general approach how to validate the additive manufacturing technology in general, will show some of the differences that additive manufacturing has compared to other production qualifications plus some best practices from successful medical device qualifications. Additionally, you will get a closer look at the validation methods and powder aging/recycling aspects for metal industrial 3D printing as well as for lattice structures.

Stay Cool  3D Printing Solutions for Thermal Management

What have gaming CPUs, LEDs, racing cars and electrical appliances got in common? A need for excellent thermal management in a limited space. In this webinar, you'll learn how additive manufacturing can help control heat and break the boundaries of miniaturization. Without the limitations of manufacturability, you can create larger surfaces, conformal cooling ducts, integrate functionalities into your part and adapt components to any existing space. We touch the future with new design ideas from new biomimetic designs.  In the business part, we show how to achieve target costs with additive manufacturing using proven examples from the industry. 

Science, not Fiction: Crack-free, 3D Printed Parts with IN939!

This webinar will give you an overview of nickel-base superalloys and their challenges in additive manufacturing. It will give insights on how these challenges were overcome during the DMLS process and material development of IN939, a commonly used but difficult-to-weld superalloy. We will take a closer look at the material properties of IN939 at room and high temperatures, its crack-free microstructure and the reduced post-processing procedure – HIP-free and shorter heat treatment – which saves time and money.

It’s Copper Time From the Bronze Age to the Digital Age

This webinar will give you an overview of copper materials, the challenges that come with additive manufacturing and were overcome as well as examples of customer applications in production. It will provide insights into the different copper materials, how best to get started and some inspiration to join the manufacturing revolution with 3D printed copper parts.

Metal Materials There Is More to It than Just Powder

Everyone talks about machines but what about materials?

What about quality assurance of virgin and used powders? Post-processing of 3D printed parts? Steels and corrosion?

Materials means not only the powder but also the solid parts. They are a key element to ensure robust and reliable production of additively manufactured parts.

Distributed Production

Future-proof Your Manufacturing with a Distributed Production Approach

During the expert session you will learn what is necessary to increase production flexibility and improve resilience of supply chains to establish a more sustainable and future proven production via digital manufacturing.

Build Your Digital Production Facility

This expert round table will give you practical insights how to efficiently plan your additive manufacturing facility. Just briefly tell us your production set up and the challenges you are facing we give you a free consulting on what are the key levers to lead your company into a bright future.

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