• Running shoe by Under Armour with additive manufactured sole | © EOS
    Additive Manufacturing for a Perfect Fit

    3D Printing of Shoes and Soles
    Perfectly Fitting

Comfortable 3D Printing Solutions for Shoe Manufacturers and Their Customers

Personalization has been more than just a trend for a while now. As well as offering greater comfort to their wearers, custom shoe soles open up completely new possibilities for fashion customization.
Additive manufacturing has the solution: Thanks to a fully digital process, trendy designs can be put together using scans of the sole of the foot, then transformed into custom-fitting shoe soles made from polymer materials by industrial 3D printing.    

For contract manufacturers and shoemakers, the advantages are obvious. They can reliably deliver custom soles to their customers, allowing them to react quickly to new trends. At the same time, industrial 3D printing is extremely suitable for series production. It is characterized by high flexibility of material strength and structure, so that the products can be perfectly fitted to the wearer’s anatomy. The manufacturing process is also relatively cost-efficient.

3D printed shoe soles combine personal style with the demands of fashion. The manufacturing process guarantees maximum flexibility while also being cost-efficient. 

Case Study Aetrex Worldwide, INC Customized Insoles From the 3D Printer

Aetrex is a global leading manufacturer of foot scanning technology, orthoses and comfort shoes. In partnership with EOS, Aetrex uses a Digital Foam approach to make custom 3D printed soles. The production and delivery of the finished product is completed very quickly. The partnership between Aetrex and EOS resulted in a complete 3D printing value chain with digital production in a mainstream format. 

The path to a customized mass product
Aetrex uses customer data collected using the Albert program, an innovative foot scanning system. The captured data is then sent to the EOS 3D printer. Based on the measurements of the individual pressure point distribution, the 3D printer then creates a 3D printed insole. The result is a product that is precisely tailored to the customer’s foot.


“Mass customization” – adapting individual products to many different variants


Rapid availability – the sole is ready in less than 2 weeks


Improved ergonomics – the product fits better than conventionally manufactured soles


Sustainability – less material consumption, since any leftover material can be reused

A Pair That Fits Together EOS and Under Armour are Revolutionizing the Sports Footwear Market

With EOS’s industry-leading 3D printing technology, Under Armour has found a meaningful way to bring shoes to the market by creating truly amazing and high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers in ways that we never imagined. Together, our two organizations make an outstanding team.

Clay Dean | Under Armour
Running shoe by Under Armour with additive manufactured sole | © EOS
EOS and Under Armour

3D Printing for Innovative Sports Shoes

Combined Expertise for More Innovation
in the Shoe Market

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Success Story Kerrie Luft
Additive Manufacturing of Extravagant Shoes

The English shoe designer Kerrie Luft is placing her trust in EOS’ innovative 3D printing technology to manufacture her extraordinary footwear. She is taking advantage of the AM process on a conceptual level.

Her Nouveau collection is based on the Art Nouveau style. Inspired by nature, Kerrie Luft has developed innovative shapes for shoes and heels made from titanium, manufactured with an EOS system. 

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