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Find Success in Sports With Additive Manufacturing Product Innovations Are Becoming Faster, and Customization Is Becoming More Efficient and Economically Viable

To remain competitive, the sports equipment industry is increasingly turning away from classically mass-produced items. With new ideas for product improvements, businesses are approaching their goal of optimizing “athletes and their equipment” as an integrated system. 

By taking advantage of innovative production technologies such as additive manufacturing, these ideas can be made into product innovations. For example, AM can be used to make hard-wearing and lightweight variants of complex sports equipment that would not be possible with conventional production technologies. 

EOS Example Application – Shin Guards Maximum Shock Absorption While Minimizing Material Consumption and Weight

Hexr 3D Printed Helmets

Everybody’s head is different, so why should everybody’s helmet be the same? That’s the question that the company Hexr asked itself before developing an innovative process for manufacturing customized helmets. For more safety in sports and on the road.

For decades, bicycle helmets have all been manufactured in the same way. Hexr wants to change this. With the innovative 3D printing technology by EOS, helmets for cyclists and other users can now be built up layer by layer using the additive manufacturing process.

Innovative Head Protection

From the 3D Printer

HEXR bike helmet | © EOS

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HEXR Bicycle Helmet | © EOS
EOS Digital Foam TPU | © EOS
PA 11 in Operation

Highly Elastic Polymer Materials 
for Flexible Mass Production

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