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The perfect fit for your production Medical Applications produced with EOS M 290 and Titanium

Reliable production for many customers around the world:  The workhorse in metal additive manufacturing, the EOS M 290 together with our titanium materials, offers you the perfect package for high-quality implants. Extensive data on machine and lattice capability, powder reuse and material quality assurance proves it. 

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No Risk, Simply Production | 6 Sigma Capability in Metal Additive Manufacturing

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This webinar will give you insights into the capability of the DMLS technology – specifically the EOS M 290 – for serial production of titanium implants. 


Critical to Quality:  Quality Assurance and Key Process Parameters of systems, materials and processes which is the foundation for mass production.


Machine Capability of EOS M 290:  Data and statistics for key part properties that show at least a Four Sigma capability – tensile properties even Six Sigma – unique in metal additive manufacturing.


Support-free Hip Stems: HIP-treatment optimized for additive manufacturing plus fatigue properties as good as forged -  a first for additive manufactured implants!

Spotlight on Quality Experience in Additive Production since 1989

1500 Installed Base
of Metal mid-frame Systems
6 Years
Experience EOS M 290
in Serial Production
20 Material & Processes
EOS offer for
Metal 3D Printing

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