• How distributed manufacturing works
    Individual 3D Printer for your Distributed Production Solution

For the efficient and reliable production of high-quality parts on an industrial scale, additive manufacturing production managers rely on proven our proven SLS and Metal 3D Printer systems. At the same time, customized service offerings such as 24/7 and co- and virtual maintenance maximize system availability and sustainable success.

Your Advantages Distributed manufacturing with EOS 3D Printers and Solutions


Repeatable part quality


Intuitive data preparation and process management


Process consulting to maximize the outcome of applications


Easy education of your workforce


Safeguard system performance and plan maintenance


Huge partner network with partners like Siemens, PTC and Oqton and many more

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Dr. Marius Lakomiec
Team Manager Digital AM Solutions

Show What Works 3D Printing Examples From Gripper to Heat Exchanger

To understand what 3D printing combined with digital structures can do and how distributed production works, it is essential to look at projects. In the medical device industry, it may be to stabilize supply chains or to address the growing demand for high-quality products. It may be about reducing logistics and storage costs for spare parts through production on demand or about bringing individual consumer products directly to the customer via scan-to-print. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of EOS applications.

Without Machines & Software...
...no Distributed Production

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