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Roadshows, trade fairs, customer meetings: In-person events are rare in times of Corona, and yet it is important to showcase what it's all about - (live) and in color. In our showroom tour, we present our portfolio for 3D printing in metal and plastic. Just click, explore, and learn.

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EOS Additive Manufacturing Systems Finding the Right Industrial 3D Printer

3D printing offers a wide range of technologies and processes. Selecting the most suitable for an application, which fulfills your needs, can be difficult. In additive manufacturing, 3D objects are created by adding material layer by layer. With more than 30 years of experience in 3D printing for industrial applications, EOS has perfected the method of powder bed additive manufacturing. 

We have optimized the interactions between the 3D printer, the material and the process for part production at industrial scale. Based on the delicate process of selective powder material melting, our technology lays the foundation for manufacturing results that meet a wide range of industrial requirements, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and stability.

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