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    for Local Production

Do You Want to Establish Local Production?

For flexible design and production, 3D printing can be integrated into local manufacturing structures and networked using the appropriate software system. Consistent digitalization of the process steps provides insight into construction progress and quality at all times.

  • Seamless integration of AM systems into the overall production planning
  • Get insights on machine utilization to optimize job planning
  • Be informed anytime from anywhere
  • Receive instant insights to anomalies of a system and be able to react live
  • Single source of truth: Access to sensor data, monitoring data and quality management data from the office
  • EOS works closely with partners like Siemens, PTC and Oqton and many more

Addressing Growing Demand, Increasing Quality.

Medical diagnostics is dependent on the available technology delivering reliable, high-quality results. In many cases, 3D printing has the potential to produce faster while improving the quality of the final product. The result is a reliable way to address increasing demand and improve diagnostics for the benefit of doctors and patients.

What does that look like in concrete terms? Read our showcase about the production of anti-scatter grids at Dunlee.

Show What Works: Showcases From Consumer to Automobil

To understand what 3D printing combined with digital structures can do and how distributed production works, it is essential to look at projects. In the medical device industry, it may be to stabilize supply chains or to address the growing demand for high-quality products. It may be about reducing logistics and storage costs for spare parts through production on demand or about bringing individual consumer products directly to the customer via scan-to-print. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of EOS applications.

Without Machines & Software...
...no Distributed Production

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