• Dunlee

    Anti-Scatter Grids

    for CT Equipment

Mass Production of 3D-Printed Tungsten Anti-Scatter Grids that Improve CT Image Quality


  • Anti-scatter grids (ASG) are a technically demanding application with regard to wall thickness, positional accuracy, radiation absorption and needing to withstand G forces
  • Mass production with consistent quality
  • Development of the necessary post processing steps to make the ASGs ready for use in CT equipment


  • Longstanding partnership between Dunlee and EOS takes the complete solution to the next level
  • Customized EOS printers, EOS Tungsten W1 and Service
  • Unique post processing capabilities developed by Dunlee

Tungsten printing is challenging, particularly when printing a high volume of complex parts with precise specifications. Our customized EOS printers are designed for just this and they will allow us to ramp up production to meet the needs of CT manufacturers who are introducing new products.

Alexander Eitel | Head of Marketing and Business Development at Dunlee

Results at a Glance

50 % and counting
production capacity increase
of a machine park running 24/7
100 µm
thin walls
25 µm positional accuracy

post processing patented

by Dunlee

3D-Printed 2D ASG Less Scatter and Increased IQ

Traditionally Manufactured ASG High Scatter Ratio

Dunlee Company Profile

Dunlee has over 100 years’ experience in developing, producing and integrating innovative components for imaging systems. In addition to manufacturing 3D-printed tungsten parts, Dunlee offers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable X-ray tubes, high voltage generators, detectors and product packages for CT, as well as solutions for interventional radiology, MRI and nuclear medicine.

Facility location


Facility size






DUNLEE Medical Components
Veenpluis 6 5684 PC Best
World map from powder | © EOS
• 2200 square meters
• 45 dedicated machinery
• 190 colleagues
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Customized EOS Machine park

Over the past few years, Dunlee has invested heavily in new 3D metal printers and post-processing capabilities. We are the only supplier that can print extreme accurate tungsten in high volumes while still meeting high quality standards.
EOS Tungsten W1

Parts manufactured using EOS Tungsten W1 are to be used in thin walled X-ray guidance structures. These anti-scatter grids can be found in imaging devices used in medical – both human and veterinary – as well as other industries
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The latest version of EOSPRINT 2 is characterized by its intuitive usability, which facilitates even faster preparation and processing of 3D printing data. 
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