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    SLS 3D Printer EOS P 500

    Rapid & Reliable
    Industrial 3D Printing with EOS P 500

    Currently the most productive system on the market

Additive Manufacturing at an Industrial Scale Best Part Quality with a new Automated SLS 3D Printer

EOS customer 1zu1 is extensively testing the innovative polymer system and rates it as the most reliable additive manufacturing platform currently available. With the EOS P 500 1zu1 was able to produce an exemplary build job of 2,400 pieces in 16 to 17 hours, corresponding to about 25 seconds per part.

How this works? Watch our video.

The EOS P 500 fulfills all requirements for homogeneous and repeatable component quality while keeping production time short. Parts produced on this system have dimensional accuracy very close to that of injection molded parts and can also keep up in terms of productivity.

At the same time, we can process build jobs overnight, thus also enabling very short delivery times.

Hannes Hämmerle, CEO of 1zu1 Prototypen

Highlights of the EOS P 500

Homogeneous part quality


Overnight part production


Ready for automation

• Sophisticated temperature management and innovative recoater ensure optimum process conditions

• Powerful lasers take care for precise energy input
Download EOS P 500 Factsheet
• Highest OEE in the market

• Tremendous uptime increase due to automated interfaces and optimized accessories
Download EOS P 500 Factsheet
• Seamlessly integratable into existing MES/ERP systems

• Control machine park and react if necessary
Download EOS P 500 Factsheet

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Christian Wagmann
Product Line Manager Polymer Systems