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    EOS End-To-End Production Network

Highest Quality & Full Service

Piloting in the EMEA region the EOS End-to-End Production Network is designed to connect companies of all sizes in search for high quality serial additive manufacturing (AM) support with selected, certified EOS partners. To become a partner in this network, companies run through a certification process where the end-to-end capabilities are the key criteria. From part design, to design optimization for AM, manufacturing capabilities, pre- and post-processing including surface treatment, to quality assurance and assembly to create high-end final parts in series.

Select The Appropriate Partner


Prototal Industries, Scandinavia’s largest and most specialized additive manufacturing company, is the first contract manufacturer to join the network.


MT Aerospace AG, a subsidiary of the OHB SE Group, is the second partner in the new end-to-end production network and specializes in additively manufactured metal components.

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