EOS Helps i3D Scale 3D Metal Printing Capacity to Meet Burgeoning Customer Demand

Addition of EOS M 400-4 industrial 3D printer increases the number of i3D’s direct metal laser sintering machines to seven

NOVI, Mich., Jan. 9, 2018 – EOS, the world's leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, partnered with Integrated 3D Manufacturing (i3D), a market leader in 3D metal printing, to greatly expand their metal additive manufacturing (AM) production capabilities with the acquisition of an EOS M 400-4. 

With their investment in the EOS M 400-4, i3D's stable of direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) machines now stands at seven, including an EOS M 280, and five EOS M 290s. i3D is the first AM service provider in western North America to purchase the high-throughput EOS M 400-4, enabling the organization to meet market demand and bring large-frame metal 3D printing capabilities to complement their existing technology.

“The EOS M 400-4 is for serious 3D printing at a serial production level. i3D now has a very impressive DMLS line-up that makes them a formidable player in the market," said Andrew Snow, senior vice president of EOS North America. “Their strengths go deeper than the technology and their talented team brings know-how to drive results for their customers. We couldn't be happier for i3D – another great example of bringing AM to mainstream manufacturing."

i3D connects organizations of any size with the power of cost effective 3D metal production, bringing AM scalability to the market. 

“3D metal printing is no longer future technology, it is now and our customers are moving at a rapid pace to take advantage of what true AM brings," said Erin Stone, CEO of i3D. “Just a few years ago, scalability was a question the AM industry needed to answer. With platforms as robust as the EOS M 400-4, we have a solid tool to address those concerns and we're delivering both capacity and quality to industries that demand highly engineered parts, such as aerospace, energy and medical."

Since incorporation in 2013, i3D has grown its customer base by 60 percent year over year, becoming the preferred provider for design engineers and research and development firms needing cost effective manufacturing solutions for 3D metal printed parts. 


About i3D
i3D is a metal 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) organization specializing in the aersospace industry and the production of spacecraft components. i3D engineers have developed extensive tribal knowledge around industry best Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) 3D printing technology, and work in lock-step with customers on application design and strategies for optimal success. Specifically, i3D's strength in AM lies in their expertise using open parameter sets for their DMLS equipment to achieve superior surface finishes, creating complex and sophisticated part geometries, and custom density and porosity settings. i3D also supplies customers with a wide variety of metals not commonly found, including Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Inconel 718 & 625, Haynes 282, Monel K500, Hastalloy X, Maraging (tool) Steel, among others.

About EOS
EOS is the global technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the area of additive manufacturing (AM). The company, which was founded in 1989, is a pioneer and global leader in the area of direct metal laser sintering, and also a provider of a leading polymer technology. For these industrial 3D printing processes, EOS offers a modular solutions portfolio that consists of systems, software, materials, as well as technical and AM consulting services. EOS is the partner of choice for industrial AM-based production, and provides long-term solutions for industry. Customers using these solutions are able to take advantage of light-weight structures, cost reductions based on functional integration, product customization and accelerated product development and production.


Patrick Boyd
Marketing Director
EOS North America