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Systems and Solutions

Shaping the future of manufacturing. Vision of an advanced factory 

With the increasing use of digitalization and focus on Industry 4.0 we are looking to create a new generation of intelligent systems and solutions. Get inspired!

EOS M 400-4 – The Ultra-Fast Quad-Laser System with a Large Building Volume

Designed for industrial applications, the EOS M 400-4 offers a large building volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm combined with four lasers for up to four times higher productivity

EOS Shared Modules Concept

The independent and scalable multi station concept for production plants with industrial 3D printing systems. With its new integrated and modular solutions, EOS offers a clear response to this development and helps companies as a reliable partner to achieve the next level of manufacturing:

Material Management for EOS Plastic Additive Manufacturing Materials

Feeding and handling solutions for EOS Polymer Materials. The EOS Additive Manufacturing periphery enables our customers to perform required pre and post manufacturing tasks as space- and investment efficient as possible.

EOS M 400 - Industrial 3D Printing System for Metal Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing system for the industrial production of high-quality large metal parts. With a building volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm, EOS M 400 allows the production of large metal parts on an industrial scale - directly from CAD data and with no need for tools.

EOS M 400 & EOS M 400-4

EOS M 400 und EOS M 400-4 - The Additive Manufacturing Systems with a building volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm for the industrial production of high-quality large metal parts.

EOS M 100 - Industrial 3D printing of complex metal parts (DMLS)

High-End system for the fast and efficient production of complex metal parts by means of additive manufacturing. The EOS M 100 offers reproducible component quality, simple and fast handling and high cost efficiency.

PRECIOUS M 080 - Additive Manufacturing of precious metal products

The process inside the PRECIOUS M 080. The high-end system for Additive Manufacturing process of precious metal products. The system allows tool-free manufacturing of high-quality metal parts directly from CAD data.

Shaping the future of die and moulds: Industrial 3D printing for Tooling

Based on Additive Manufacturing, EOS enables single parts or individualized serial products to be manufactured quickly, cost-effectively and flexibly – even in small batch sizes. 


EOSTATE Everywhere - Monitoring for Additive Manufacturing Systems

Monitoring for industrial processes. EOSTATE Everywhere is the next step towards user friendly machine park monitoring. Real-time information on Machine Park Status and access to current sensor values and pictures.

EOS ParameterEditor - Create innovations with 3D printing

Adjust the 3D printing process to your specific requirements. The EOS ParameterEditor is a flexible software tool that allows you to build your part exactly how you need it. Increase the productivity, save costs or improve the quality of your part - with EOS ParmeterEditor.

About EOS 

EOS - A Story of Success

After more than two decades, EOS is one of the most appreciated companies in the Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D printing world. Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO, tells the story of an innovative idea and its growth.

European User Meeting 2016

Impressions, insights and customer voices from the EOS European User Meeting which took place in April 2016.