A Project by the Langer Founding Family


We are pleased to continue the EOS.KUNST.RAUM after a three-year break with a new exhibition. With this, we want to set an example for beauty, creativity and joy. We can make good use of all that in these times. In EOS.KUNST.RAUM 2022, just as in the first three exhibitions, art, EOS technology and our building architecture enter into a dialog with each other. This time, an additional dimension is promised by the dialog between two forms of art, photography and sculpture, also shaped by different personalities and biographies.

The two photo and video artists Maria and Anna Ritsch are represented in the EOS.KUNST.RAUM with "dissolving forms". At the same time, sculptor Thomas Röthel is exhibiting impressive steel sculptures. Two of these figures are his very own response to EOS technology.

Once again there is the chance to discover something, to get to know something new or to learn more about ourselves. That's just how art is...

Hella and Dr. Hans J. Langer

Presentation of the artists of EOS.KUNST.RAUM

Video artists Maria and Anna Ritsch and sculptor Thomas Röthel introduce themselves in the video.

The EOS founding family Langer has initiated the art project EOS.KUNST.RAUM, in the context of yearly changing exhibitions of modern sculptures at the EOS headquarters in Krailling. The project is aimed at EOS business partners, the local public in Krailling and the surrounding area, and especially at EOS employees themselves.

DIALOG is the fourth exhibition hosted by EOS.KUNST.RAUM. The inspiring artworks have been on display in Krailling since late October 2022, and can be viewed until mid-May 2023.

You will soon be able to download the catalog for the fourth exhibition here. 

The official opening will take place with a vernissage on the 9th of December 2022 with invited guests.