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EOS e-Manufacturing News Edition 13/2013


Issue 13/2013


This edition, as well as the next two issues, will feature Part Property Management (PPM), of which there are three open concepts allowing you to freely and flexibly choose the level of standardization for your e-Manufacturing application. In this particular issue, we highlight Plug&Print EOS Standard – the PPM for series production.

We just launched a new material – EOS NickelAlloy HX, opening up even more possibilities for innovative aerospace applications. And, in a recent case study, you’ll discover how EOS technology enabled the development of an innovative 3D puzzle.

As always, our calendar of events shows you dates of upcoming shows and events were EOS will be exhibiting and where we look forward to your visit.

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Flange made of EOS NickelAlloy HX (Source: EOS GmbH).

Heat and Oxidation Resistant Material EOS NickelAlloy HX
The components made of the nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy are extremely robust. Even at high temperatures, they are resistant to oxidation and can be used for a range of up to 1200° C. The material is optimized for processing in our Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) system, the EOSINT M 280, and is normally processed with a thickness of 20 µm.
EOS NickelAlloy HX is ideal for applications in the aerospace industry, where it is used for combustion chambers and corresponding components. Further applications stem from nuclear engineering or heating elements, continuous and industrial furnaces.


Product development: final product of the 3D puzzle Marusenko Sphere manufactured by injection-moulding (right) and some single parts of the prototype which were produced with a FORMIGA P 100 (Source: Marusenko S.L.).

Tricky to Play, Easy to Design – Rapid Prototyping for the All New 3D Puzzle Marusenko Sphere
From the mid-1970's on, Rubik’s Cube – a colourful 3D combination puzzle – became one of the world's most popular toys. However, the time had come to create a worthy successor – something even more challenging and that could be created using modern technology. The result is Marusenko Sphere, the new 3D logic puzzle game and educational toy. It offers five levels of difficulty, depending on the configuration and colour combination of its 32 exterior pieces. The pieces themselves are arranged in a sphere, a fact that made the design process pretty difficult for its inventors. Rapid prototyping supported by EOS’ FORMIGA P 100 played an important role in making the new toy ready for sale. More…


The PPM concept provides three approaches and enables a free choice of standardization (Source: EOS GmbH).

Plug&Print EOS Standard: Part Property Management (PPM) Version for Series Production
The PPM concept allows you to freely and flexibly select between three degrees of standardization depending on its application.
The concept Plug&Print EOS Standard has a very high degree of standardization, which means manufacturing is accomplished with a machine maintained by EOS and with materials and parameter sets from EOS. The part quality defined by EOS can be found in the material data sheets for metal or in the material database for polymer applications.
Software changes are not necessary as values defined by EOS are reliable and provide efficiency. Therefore this option is suitable especially for the production of series components. The standardized values ensure repeatability not only from part to part also from system to system. This in turn means high flexibility in the production planning.
More information can be found in the EOS PPM Whitepaper and on the website.

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