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EOS e-Manufacturing News Edition 19/2014


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EOS has completed the fiscal year ended in September with exceptionally great results. We would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers for their confidence in EOS and our technology. The big hype about Additive Manufacturing continues and investors as well as entrepreneurs are in a “gold rush” mood. This expression is representing the current situation within the technology market more than ever, because with the PRECIOUS M 080 there is a state-of-the-art system, which can process precious metals.

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PRECIOUS M 080 for the Economic Production of Watches and Jewellery
The new system allows tool-free manufacturing of high-quality precious metal parts directly from CAD data. The 100-watt fibre laser provides outstanding beam quality and power stability that guarantees optimal and consistent processing conditions for highest quality part building. The system has a small spot size with excellent detail resolution allowing the creation of even the finest structures. It has an 80 mm diameter round build platform with a working stroke of 95 mm (high, including building platform).
The system is designed to ensure maximum accountability of the precious metal powder used in the process. It also enables a quick turnaround between jobs and materials via its unique cartridge based system which includes an extraction cartridge for easy removal of powder.
A customer case study as well as further information about the PRECIOUS M 080 can be seen on the EOS website.

Bell Helicopter and Harvest Technologies Utilize Additive Manufacturing to Produce Flight-Certified Hardware
Sometimes, a company’s entire manufacturing history begins with prototyping. In 1941, Arthur M. Young demonstrated an ingeniously engineered model helicopter. Just five years later, Bell Helicopter received the first-ever certification for a commercial helicopter and since then sold more than 35,000 helicopters worldwide. The engineering-driven company already produced prototypes for different components of their aircraft using Additive Manufacturing (AM) and now wanted to use the technology for functional parts.
Elliott Schulte, Engineer III at Bell Helicopter, explains: "The EOS technology produces a robust and highly repeatable process. We have done a number of conversions of aircraft parts from previous processes to Additive Manufacturing. With the EOSINT P 730, we often discovered that the production cost per piece is substantially reduced compared to conventional manufacturing methods. The system complies with our specification." > More 

Mass Customization: Shapeways Teamed Up with Google to Inspire Creativity and Give Everyone Access to the Best Technology in 3D Printing
Shapeways, the world's leading 3D printing service and marketplace, collaborated with Google on its Made with Code initiative to inspire girls to code and create. The premier project of the initiative was a coding project in which girls could create a custom bracelet 3D printed by Shapeways in its New York City factory using EOS printers.
Overall, Shapeways considered the program a success, proving to be a great example of how creator apps can drive traffic, and introduce people to 3D printing. It provided an insight into true mass customization - almost 275,000 people have a custom 3D printed product on their wrist from Shapeways.
The Made with Code bracelets were 3D printed in Shapeways' high-quality nylon plastic. To handle the demand the company added three new EOS P760s as well as new staff members to a second factory shift in their factory. Further information about the initiative can be found on the Shapeways Website.

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Product News
The highly-productive and modular system, the EOS M 290, allows for the production of metal parts directly from CAD data. It has enhanced quality management features and is the benchmark for the Additive Manufacturing of high-quality components.
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The EOS P 396 is a system for the Additive Manufacturing of serial and functional parts from polymer materials. Thanks to their high productivity, the costs per build are low and the improved hardware and software ensures greater consistency in part properties. > More

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Founded in 1989, and headquartered in Germany, EOS is the technology and market leader for design-driven, integrated e-Manufacturing solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM), an industrial 3D printing process. We offer a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials, as well as services including specific application consulting. > More

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• System PRECIOUS M 080: EOS GmbH

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• Bracelet: Shapeways