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EOS e-Manufacturing News Edition 22/2015

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This year, formnext , the international exhibition and conference focusing on tool making and additive manufacturing (AM), taking place November 17-20, 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, has selected the five most promising start-up companies in AM via their
formnext Start-Up Challenge . Among the winners is the start-up SolidLUUV of Berlin, Germany producing a compact modular three axis Steadicam for action cameras, smart phones and digital compact cameras, permitting jitter-free movies, even with rapid camera movements. EOS supported SolidLUUV with expertise and the production of prototypes.
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EOSTATE Everywhere - Real-Time Monitoring for EOS Systems
EOSTATE Everywhere is the next step toward user-friendly machine park monitoring, offering real-time information on Machine Park Status and access to current sensor values and pictures.
This tool provides the current status at any time (through photos from the building chamber of the EOS M 290, for example); and, at the same time, EOSTATE Everywhere enables the operator with the freedom to intervene the process, if necessary, via a reported push notification.
The product video provides a detailed insight into the software and further services. We are pleased to provide you with
additional information.

MTU Aero Engines Relies on Additive Manufacturing for Cost-Effective Manufacturing of Engine Components for the Airbus A320neo
Fifteen percent less fuel consumption – this is the primary benefit Airbus wants to give customers with its A320neo, a new short- and medium-haul aircraft. Achieving the goal requires, above all, more efficient engines. Munich-based MTU Aero Engines is a primary supplier to the US engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney and plays a key role in Airbus reaching its objectives. In order to remain at the forefront of technology, MTO Aero Engines actively supports the use of innovative production processes and additive manufacturing plays an important role as shown below with the manufacture of borescope bosses - access points for inspecting turbines – a product for which MTU relies on EOS technology. > More  

Euro-K Designs and Uses EOS Technology to Manufacture Micro-Burners for Optimized Combustion of Gaseous and Liquid Fuels
Euro-K is experiencing an unprecedented increase in efficiency with the building of optimized burner geometry for gases and liquids by using EOS additive manufacturing technology.
During the combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels, various methods are used to prepare the fuel and form the fuel/air mixture. The mixture formation with gaseous fuels can be achieved using relatively simple mechanisms; however, it is more challenging with liquid fuels. Therefore, the availability of burners supporting the use of gaseous as well as liquid fuels of all compositions is greatly limited. Euro-K refused to accept this limitation and set about developing optimized burner geometry. > More 

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Visit us at formnext, November 17-20, 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany and celebrate the world premiere of the EOS M 100 - compact-class additive manufacturing system enabling a cost-efficient and highly-productive entry into the world of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS™). We look forward to your visit in hall 3.1, booth F 70.

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EOS Products Mentioned in the Newsletter

The highly-productive Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS™) system, the EOS M 290, allows for the production of metal parts directly from CAD data while offering enhanced quality management features. The EOS M 290 is the benchmark for the Additive Manufacturing of high-quality components

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About EOS
Founded in 1989, EOS is the global technology and quality leader for high-end additive manufacturing (AM) solutions. As the leading pioneer of Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS™) technology, EOS also provides a unique polymer AM portfolio. For these industrial 3D-printing processes, EOS offers a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials, technical and consulting services. > More 

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• EOSTATE Everywhere: EOS GmbH
• Borescope boss: MTU Aero Engines
• Burner: EOS GmbH, Euro-K