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EOS e-Manufacturing News Special Edition 18/2014

Dear reader,

Welcome to a fresh design of the newsletter – we hope you enjoy the new layout and find the format a bit easier to read.

Also, we invite you to visit us at our new global headquarters in Krailling, Germany. Our new building represents a further milestone for us and is an expression of our company's growth and success story over the last 25 years. As well as the company the building represents innovation, quality and sustainability. Thanks to the extensive technical areas we can work more flexible for and with customers on application solutions.

Enjoy reading!
Your EOS News Team

EOS – A Story of Success
EOS celebrates its 25th anniversary! We take this opportunity to look back at the success story of an innovative idea and its growth. After more than two decades, EOS is one of the most appreciated companies in the Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D-printing world. Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO, tells the story.
The video interview can be seen on the EOS YouTube channel and our homepage provides a detailed company history.

Inauguration of a new building at EOS global headquarters in Krailling, Germany
In July, EOS moved into it’s new, state-of-the-art, Technology and Customer Center. With a floor space of 17.000 m² (over 55.000 ft² ) the building accommodates an additional 300 employees, while its design follows specific architectural, spatial and workplace concepts. A particular emphasis was placed on sustainability and incorporates standards from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) including an integrated energy concept: the cooling and heating are done via ground water and a water-heat pump, the use of the waste heat from EOS Additive Manufacturing systems located in the building, the use of the local heat of the adjacent wood chip plant and an optimized thermal insulation. This results in an over-fulfilment of requirements given by the German energy-saving directive (Energieeinsparungsverordnung or EnEV 2009) by more than 30% and saves on average 120 t CO2 per year. Heating requirements of the new building are completely covered by renewable resources.
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Christoph Weiss, Managing Partner of the BEGO Group
"We have enjoyed a good and close partnership with EOS since 2008. Their systems represent the current benchmark in selective laser-melting system engineering in the dental market and have facilitated our great success over three continents – Europe, Asia and North America. Our joint success is also due to the reliable support and the very good personal contact that we have to the developers in Finland.
Thanks to the sophisticated EOS technology and our BEGO processes and alloys, we are able to restore the smiles to the faces of patients worldwide – and it is this that drives us on every single day." > Go to BEGO 

Jesper Damvig, Founder and Owner of Damvig Develop
“During the past 19 years, we have been testing multiple new materials and machinery as a pilot customer. Recently, we had the pleasure to have one of five systems globally installed at our facility, e.g. a FORMIGA P 110 for the dental segment. With this system, EOS again showed us that they are a cutting-edge company. For experienced users a system that runs in the field of 60 to 80 microns is something we all just dreamed of but it is made possible with the new technology. With this system loaded with the new dental powder, PA 2105, we can produce this accuracy globally in the entire build area and this is very important when producing dental models. And, the volume of parts that a FORMIGA P 110 can produce is far higher than the alternative systems that are liquid based.
Thank you EOS and congratulations with the first 25 years, we are looking forward to the next quarter century and especially all the new exiting projects that are in the pipeline at EOS.” > Go to Damvig

Dr. Dinesh Jain, Consultant Maxillo Facial/Oral Surgeon at Dental Ceramists
"Dental Ceramists is a pioneer in the field of digital dental lab procedures (CAD/CAM) in India and the Asia Pacific region. We are proud to associate with EOS - a leader in the field of Direct Metal-Laser-Sintering (DMLS™) of dental crowns, bridges and other prosthesis. We are very happy to adapt new-age technologies with the help of leaders like EOS in their respective fields. With the advent of digital, chair-side scanning, the complete cycle of digitalization of dental lab procedures can now be complete in all aspects of dentistry. EOS has pioneered in production of working lab models to propagate these particular aspects of digitalization.
On occasion of the 25th anniversary of EOS, we wish you the best in pioneering digitalization of dental lab procedures to help grow the industry." > Go to Dental Ceramists

Berkan Öztas, Quality Management and Sales Assistant Director at DENTEK
“We are one of the leading dental laboratories in Europe. EOS technology has realized what seemed impossible not too long ago and what is possible today. Laser sintering has almost completely replaced the precision casting in our lab and dramatically increased our productivity! We produce more than 600 units per day and we experience big customer satisfaction. To pick up a computer mouse instead of a wax knife saves time and makes the work flow more efficient. The systems are easy to use and your after-sales support is great. Thank you EOS!” > Go to DENTEK

Emanuele Magalini, R&D Project Manager at Eurocoating
"Anyone knows how scary it can be to heavily invest in fast-developing technology and you need, by market demand, this continuous improvement. On the other hand, we are all aware of how stringent the constraints in some application fields can be where by opposite conservative and stable processes is one essential feature. Working with EOS was exactly a way to stay in the middle of these two divergent requirements: progress and reliability!" > Go to Eurocoating

Jürgen Blöcher, Managing Director at FKM Sintertechnik
“Together, the staffs of EOS and FKM are a strong team. We are happy to have a powerful and reliable technology and service partner for the selective laser-sintering technology on our side with EOS! Latest proof of successful performance: the maintenance and relocation of 21 EOS systems in 6 weeks.” > Go to FKM Sintertechnik

Dr. C. S. Kumar, Professor for Direct Digital Manufacturing Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
“For its research in laser-based Additive Manufacturing, IIT Kharagpur has procured an EOSINT M 270 which can process different metal powders. We chose the powder bed fusion system from EOS because of its ability to support and extend the process control features when applied to different metal alloy materials like stainless steel, bronzes, cobalt-, titanium- and aluminium alloys initially and thereafter on newer alloys and also to allow us to experiment with variants in powder compositions.
We are extremely happy to receive good support from EOS in terms of support and knowledge sharing for this purpose. With a strategic investment in this technology in its initial stages from EOS in 2009, we are glad to be in the forefront of this cutting-edge technology in India. We have been able to put use of the systems to make parts for Formula Student cars and similar demanding applications as well as to develop procedures to work with new compositions of metal alloys and ceramics (cermets). Research organizations and the industry in India are looking to us to be a crucial knowledge hub in India for laser-based Additive Manufacturing as a result of this association.” > Go to IIT Kharagpur

Bart van der Schueren, Executive Vice President at Materialise
“I want to congratulate EOS with your 25th anniversary. We have been successfully collaborating with EOS over your entire history, both as a software partner and as a user of EOS technology. Looking back over these 25 years, it goes without saying that EOS has had a huge impact on the industry-at first with your stereo lithography systems, but then certainly with your laser sinter technologies in all of the plastics, sand and metals series. Thanks to the effort of EOS, production is changing in a fundamental way and is giving unseen new opportunities for new products and businesses.” > Go to Materialise

Dr. Christian Schmidt, Head of Technology Featured Projects at Sirona
"In 2004, Sirona launched together with EOS a process development involving laser melting of cobalt chrome restorations for the in-house production centre infiniDent. As a result of this collaboration, Sirona purchased an EOSINT M 270. With best practice support of EOS, Sirona has further developed the manufacturing process so that we could start with the in-house production of cobalt chrome restorations in 2006.
The quality of the offered service has always been competent and satisfactory - especially the high reliability of the still-used EOSINT M 270. Despite some minor defects on wear parts we experienced during the runtime of the system only one significant loss, but this was resolved exemplary in the framework of the maintenance and service agreements. We always had a very open exchange of information with EOS.
I observe a consistent further development of the product range at EOS. This concerns in particular for the combination of machine and material and process, what characterizes EOS as a competent provider of customized solutions.” > Go to InfiniDent

P. Srinivasan, Head of R&D Prototyping at TVS Motor Company
“The EOSINT P 380 is one of the most reliable machines we have in our facility. The fact that we can process a broad portfolio of materials gives us great flexibility in application for making functional prototype parts. The user friendliness of the machine streamlines the operation procedures and has helped us in reducing product development time. Customer focus is evident with the robust EOS systems for sales, service and logistics. The progress made by EOS GmbH since inception is heartening to see. Our compliments to the EOS team for their 25th anniversary celebrations and best wishes for great innovations to the user industry”. > Go To TVS Motor

Terry Wohlers, President of Wohlers Associates
“EOS has played an important role in the history of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing worldwide. Without the company, the landscape of the industry would be much different today. We expect laser sintering to serve a wide spectrum of organizations in the future, especially as they uncover the vast potential of the technology.” > Go To Wohlers Associates

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As always, our calendar of events features dates of upcoming shows and events where EOS will be exhibiting and where we look forward to your visit.
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Product News
The highly-productive and modular system, the EOS M 290, allows for the production of metal parts directly from CAD data. It has enhanced quality management features and is the benchmark for the Additive Manufacturing of high-quality components.
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The EOS P 396 is a system for the Additive Manufacturing of serial and functional parts from polymer materials. Thanks to their high productivity, the costs per build are low and the improved hardware and software ensures greater consistency in part properties. > More

About EOS
Founded in 1989, and headquartered in Germany, EOS is the technology and market leader for design-driven, integrated e-Manufacturing solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM), an industrial 3D printing process. We offer a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials, as well as services including specific application consulting. > More

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