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Shatter Manufacturing Boundaries - EOS World Premiere at IMTS 2016

Meet EOS at IMTS 2016, the International Manufacturing Trade Show, in Chicago and celebrate with us the world premiere of a new generation: EOS M 400-4 - The ultra-fast quad-laser additive manufacturing system for the industrial production of high-quality metal parts

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EOS will showcase the EOS M 400-4 for the first time at IMTS 2016. The system is a further innovation in the our industrial 3D printing portfolio, the world-wide only four laser system for DMLS with fiber lasers operating in a square.

With the new machine we set another milestone in terms of productivity. It produces parts with an up to four times higher build rate and in trusted and repeatable EOS DMLS Quality!

​No matter your industry, let’s meet at IMTS 2016 and discuss how new AM systems and materials can help your organization – whether prototype or production, or whether you require complex shapes or high performance materials, let’s talk about your needs. 

Date: September, 12 — September, 17, 2016  

Location: IMTS Fair  |  Chicago  |  USA  
Booth: N-79

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Date: September, 14, 2016 

Location: IMTS Fair |  Chicago  |  USA
Ballroom D (Room W375-D)

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​A peek into the new EOS M 400-4 System: High throughput of Metal Parts in Trusted and Repeatable EOS DMLS Quality


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