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Go Big! Your EOS Large Format 3D Printer

EOS large format 3D printers are ideal for industrial additive manufacturing of high-quality end-use parts. Our printers are state-of-the-art and offer a wide range of polymer and metal materials. Rely on our 30 years of additive manufacturing expertise and find the perfect large scale 3D printer for your project.

What Are the Benefits of a Large Format 3D Printer?

Sometimes size simply matters. Especially in industrial production, a large build platform allows for greater production volume, which increases efficiency and reduces production costs and times. Another advantage of a large 3D printer is that printing large parts in one piece reduces printing, assembly and post processing time.


Increase Productivity


Save Time


Reduce Costs

How Does 3D Printing Work?

Starting from 3D CAD models, additive manufacturing, which includes 3D printing, uses lasers to form an object by fusing powdered materials layer by layer. This process can create very complex objects, in some cases even with built-in functions. There are various types of 3D printing technologies. In the FDM process, ABS or PLA plastic filament is melted in the print head and applied to the printer bed by an extruder. At EOS our printers rely on the 3D printing technologies SLS and DMLS, which work with powdered polymers or metals and metal alloys.

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