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EOS e-Manufacturing News Edition 17/2014

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Issue 17/2014


Please join us in the launch of our newest Direct Metal Laser Sintering system, the EOS M 290. The system offers extended quality management via new monitoring features and is designed to serve the requirements of serial-production applications and, at the same time, provides new optimization potential in terms of build quality for customers from the prototyping space.

We would also like to share with you insights from Innomia—an innovative toolmaker that produced a mold made of EOS MaragingSteel MS1 material for the efficient and cost-effective production of arm rests situated between the front seats of a Škoda car.

From the plastics portfolio, we highlight our impact-resistant material PA 11.

And, as always, our calendar of events features dates of upcoming shows and events where EOS will be exhibiting and where we look forward to your visit.

Enjoy reading!

Your EOS News Team



Tool insert and injection molding component: thanks to conformal cooling the cycle time was reduced by 17% and the quality of the arm rest part has been improved (source: Innomia, Magna).


Tooling: Innomia Accelerates Production and Reduces Maintenance
For complex customer projects Czech tool manufacturer Innomia relies on Additive Manufacturing. By using this technology they produce injection molding tools with conformal cooling channels, which provide an optimized removal of heat generated during production. With the improved insert, automotive supplier Magna was able to speed up production and extend the maintenance interval. Furthermore, the constant temperature control ensures less warpage and as a result Magna can fulfill its promise of quality as a Škoda supplier. More...



EOS M 290: the system for Additive Manufacturing of high quality metal parts in a production environment (source: EOS GmbH).


EOS M 290: System with Enhanced Quality Management Features Produces High-Quality Metal Parts
The EOS M 290 sets the benchmark when it comes to flexible and economical production of metal components. An intuitive user interface, the intelligent software concept of open parameter editors and standardized EOS parameter sets, as well as an improved filter system are specially designed for the production environment. The system also offers a new comprehensive quality management and enhanced monitoring features. More…



Stylish and impact resistant: covers for mobile phones made of PA 1101 (source: EOS GmbH).


PA 1101: Impact Resistant, Flexible, Resistant to Chemicals and Environmentally-Friendly
Nylon PA 1101 material allows you to meet even higher component requirements than with the current PA 12-based materials. In addition to a high impact resistance, PA 1101 is relatively flexible.
Therefore, the material allows you to produce parts, which have to bear impact and deformation forces during their usage and which must be permanently moving (hinges, for example). In general PA 1101 is suitable for the production of smaller- to medium-sized components, thin wall thicknesses and lattice structures. The material is built with a layer thickness of 0.12 mm.
Further information can be found in our Material Database.


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