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EOS e-Manufacturing News Edition 12/2013


Issue 12/2013

In this issue we present EOS dental solutions and introduce software updates from Materialise, which, among others, streamlines data preparation.

Our calendar of events shows you dates of upcoming shows and events were EOS will be exhibiting and where we look forward to your visit.

And, we recently re-launched our website. We hope information about EOS systems and solutions can be found more quickly and comprehensively. Visit us at www.eos.info.

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Stages of production for a laser-sintered removable partial denture: (left to right) dental prosthesis directly after manufacturing; with support structures removed and surface polished; after completion (EOS GmbH).

Digital Manufacturing of Removable Partial Dentures: Competitive Edge Thanks to Time-Saving Construction Method
The digital production of removable partial dentures saves a lot of time: the design is ready in approximately 15 minutes with only a few mouse clicks. Thanks to Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS™), the design flexibility of the modelling software is not restricted by the manufacturing process. High-strength, rigid and at the same time filigree geometries can be produced and casting errors can be ruled out.
Further information is available on the EOS homepage.


Dental model as saw-cut model with pinholes (EOS GmbH).

Digital Manufacturing of Dental Models: Economical Process with a High Production Capacity
The FORMIGA P 110 is used to produce dental models; in fact, 40 to 70 complete jaw models can be manufactured within 14 hours (excluding cooling time) depending on the design and size. Dental labs have absolute flexibility of design, within the scope of dimensional accuracy requirements: the dental models can be manufactured as saw-cut model, solid or hollow bodies and can be integrated in numerous articular systems as well as model base systems.
Detailed information about all EOS solutions in dentistry can be found in the dental brochure.


Live machine monitoring with Magics software (Courtesy Materialise).

New Innovative Materialise Solutions to Better Support Your AM Process
Recently Materialise launched Streamics — the new AM automation and control system — which provides AM professionals control over each step in the work flow, reducing complexity and improving performance and traceability, while taking into account the unique AM process challenges.
Magics17, now multi-core for optimized speed
Next to these innovative solutions Materialise continues to improve its Magics software, delivering new releases that the company claims meet the expectations of its most critical users. In addition, Materialise has continued innovating and thinking up new functionalities, such as the powerful 3D Nester in Magics’ SinterModule which enables optimal loading of a sintering system.

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