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EOS in the Press

Here you will find media articles and reports on EOS – the innovative market leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing.
| 3DPrint.com

For EOS, Focus in 3D Printing for Production is All About the Applications

2017 has been a busy year for Germany-based EOS, but the year isn’t over yet as the company continues on its stretch of progress. While the...several business strategies and approaches to market. EOS GmbH CEO Dr. Adrian Keppler discussed the company’s strategy, beginning with a few

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| 3DPrint.com

3D Printing Spotlight On: Laura Gilmour, Global Medical Business Development Manager, EOS North America

3D printing and healthcare are coming together in unprecedented ways as advanced manufacturing technologies allow for patient-specific...

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People don't understand 3-D printing well enough to use it, tech CEO says

show chapters Manufacturers need to find out more about 3-D printing options: Executive 5 Hours Ago | 02:27 The manufacturing industry...

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| The TCT Online Magazine

EOS releases StainlessSteel 17-4PH IndustryLine 3D printing material

The material consists of an iron-based metal alloy powder and a specially developed parameter for manufacturing on the M 290 platform.Dr Tobias Abeln, Chief Technical Officer at EOS. “For its StainlessSteel 17-4PH IndustryLine, EOS provides reliable and statistically proven

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| Control Engineering Asia

Dr. Adrian Keppler appointed as CEO

Founder Dr. Hans J. Langer sets strategic course for the future development of the EOS Group.and continue developing it within the EOS Group.” Dr. Hans J. Langer is handing over leadership of EOS GmbH and, as CEO & Chairman of the

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| Print and Digital Communication World

Additive Minds, the consulting unit of EOS, has won the Top Consultant 2017 award

Güngör Kara of EOS stated: «Intensive, competent consulting services remain essential in our still relatively young market for industrial...to Güngör Kara, Director of Global Application & Consulting at EOS. An important award Güngör Kara of EOS stated: «We are extremely happy

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| 3dprintingprogress

Real time monitoring of metal based additive manufacturing

EOS, technology provider for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, is expanding its EOSTATE monitoring suite to include an..., said: "We are now using EOSTATE Exposure OT and EOSTATE MeltPool from EOS and expect both technologies to give us a profound understanding

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| Materials Today

EOS launching 3D printing course

3D printing company EOS, the UK’s University of Wolverhampton and German university SRH Hochschule Berlin have announced a six-month 3D...a global level,’ said Güngör Kara, director global application & consulting at EOS. ‘The program aims to empower the future generation of AM

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| The CEO Magazine

New Dimensions: Dr Hans Langer, Founder and CEO of Electro Optical Systems - EOS

An innovator of industrial 3D printing, CEO of EOS Dr Hans J Langer has turned the manufacturing world on its head..” A new frontier An important new frontier for EOS is discovering new ways of service and consulting. Hans is the first to admit that

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| Photonics.com

EOS Aids in Humanoid Robot Development

KRAILLING, Germany, Mar. 1, 2017 — Additive manufacturing technology developer Electro Optical Systems (EOS) GmbH has helped further the...over legacy robotic approaches.” EOS is a provider of high-end additive manufacturing solutions. About EOS GmbH, Electro-Optical Systems

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