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EOSTATE Exposure OT: 100% insight into the part using optical tomography 

With the world's first commercial solution using optical tomography in industrial 3D printing, we are paving the way for you to begin large-scale manufacturing. Developed in cooperation with MTU Aero Engines, EOSTATE Exposure OT is ideally coordinated to suit the requirements of the aerospace industry.

EOSTATE Exposure OT offers advantages in terms of quality assurance:

  • The entire build process can be monitored, regardless of component size
  • Reduced costs for non-destructive examination after the build process
  • Capture of valuable data for optimizing large-scale production and process development

Live view of EOSTATE Exposure OT during the build process
The enlarged version makes various exposure strategies visible
Users can seamlessly scroll within seconds through thousands of layers and understand quality relevant data, for example the heat distribution during the build process. For analysis purposes, the software allows to enlarge details of the built part.

Deploying an sCMOS industrial camera, EOSTATE Exposure OT monitors the entire building platform of the EOS M 290 and provides high-resolution images of the energy application in the melt pool. The parameterizable software system makes it possible to draw conclusions about the part quality in each individual layer, thus minimizing risks and reducing costs for downstream quality tests such as via CT scans. 

EOSTATE Exposure OT is currently available for the EOS M 290 and can be retrofitted at any time with these systems.

More about the EOSTATE Monitoring Suite


 EOSTATE MeltPool is a powerful instrument for managing quality assurance processes and individual process development.


After each coating and exposure phase, EOSTATE PowderBed examines the complete powder bed using a camera. 


The software application permanently monitors the system status and the external production conditions via sensors.


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