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EOSTATE PowderBed: Recording every coating and exposure phase

A key prerequisite for a stable build process is the even, complete coating of the building platform in each layer. After each coating and exposure phase, EOSTATE PowderBed documents the complete powder bed using a camera. 

Any irregularities, such as an incomplete layer of powder, grooves, or cavities can be identified. Whenever a problem arises, the build process can be stopped. 

EOSTATE PowderBed is available for EOS M 290, EOS M 400 and EOS M 400-4

Manufacturing advantages:

  • Coating monitored with integrated camera
  • Optional output as video clip on work computer via EOSTATE plug-in
  • Examination of the current powder bed and browsing through all previous layers

Before and after each recoating cycle, a camera takes a picture of the building platform. This allows the user to trace if a recoating cycle was consistent and complete.

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