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EOSTATE MeltPool: Real-time process monitoring for EOS M 290

EOSTATE MeltPool makes it possible to transparently display the complex melting process. During the build process, EOSTATE MeltPool measures the light emissions of the melt pool by means of sensors. The process light is separated from the reflected laser light using elaborate hardware. The data thus captured is additionally processed and interpreted by the software system. The tool is ideal for users who want to advance their research and process development or optimize their manufacturing methods. 

EOSTATE MeltPool delivers high-resolution data for process development and quality control: 

  • Automatic, real-time monitoring and analysis of the melt pool
  • Deeper understanding of the build process for process development
  • Individually parameterizable analysis toolbox for each component
  • Highly detailed representation of the melt behavior – ideal for research and development

Live view from the software during the build process. It shows the amplitude of the signal in real-time (middle) as well as indications in the two-dimensional view (right).

The system was developed in collaboration with the company plasmo Industrietechnik GmbH. The EOSTATE MeltPool software application provides real-time process visualization and evaluation. 

For data analysis purposes, the EOSTATE MeltPool analysis toolbox displays data in 2D or 3D images and makes it possible to evaluate any abnormalities. The captured data makes it possible to draw conclusions regarding the quality of the final component. 

The respective parameters (MPM parameters) can be freely specified using the open, flexible EOSTATE MeltPool analysis toolbox. On this basis, any abnormalities can be automatically detected during live monitoring, which makes EOSTATE MeltPool a powerful instrument for managing quality assurance processes and individual process development.

EOS offers EOSTATE MeltPool as an extension to the EOS M 290 DMLS system. The system can be retrofitted either individually or in combination with EOSTATE ExposureOT.

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