Laser Pro Fusion Kayvidual LP

LaserProFusion – the technology for tool free injection molding

EOS LaserProFusion technology produces up to 10 times faster using one million diode lasers

With LaserProFusion, EOS introduces a revolutionary technology for polymer additive manufacturing: with nearly one million diode lasers melting the material, building up the part layer by layer, this build process is so productive that it can serve as an injection molding alternative for many applications.

EOS LaserProFusion technology: as productive as injection molding

The all new LaserProFusion technology in an innovation designed to achieve maximum productivity. As a pioneer with nearly 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing, EOS is continuously optimizing the interaction between powder material and laser, which is destined for industrial applications. The new technology significantly shortens exposure times, regardless of the number of parts and their geometry.

EOS LaserProFusion technology: revolutionary process

Instead of the laser sintering process used to date with a single CO2-laser moving along the entire build area, this new technology uses up to one million lasers. These can achieve a maximum total output of up to 5 kilowatts. For each layer, only the diode lasers are activated that match the CAD data of the part – right down to the exact pixel.

Dr. Tim Rüttermann, Senior Vice President Division Polymer at EOS says: “With the LaserProFusion technology, we are achieving a new level of productivity in polymer industrial 3D printing for serial manufacturing. It is a technology that can be an alternative to injection molding in many applications, respectively enables tool-free injection molding. This will make industrial 3D printing attractive for a completely new market in the future."