Additive Manufacturing for Aircraft Interior Does 3D Printing Change the Supply Chain Setup in the Aero Industry?

This webinar discusses the future use of polymer additive manufacturing parts in the Aircraft Cabin, it’s potential for cost saving, design improvement and shorter lead times, as well as the hurdles that are yet to be overcome, regarding certification, availability of suitable raw materials, investments and legal aspects. A wide spreading of industrial 3D printing manufacturing also has the potential to significantly change the supply chain setup of the Aero industry, impacting small and large suppliers, as distributed manufacturing moves closer to becoming a reality. 

Furthermore, new business models for spare parts and part design data may emerge, along with new services, which brings a need to tackle challenges around IP and regulation. A high profile panel will exchange their views on these topics in a lively discussion and will give their unique insights relevant for the industry.

Speaker: Markus Glasser & Vinu Vijayan, EOS GmbH

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